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Rental Car Feasibility for Injured Driver

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The case presented here in is lieu of the knee injury caused to this individual. He has broken his left knee and has to rent a convenient car for himself. His first three weeks of recovery will be critical in terms of mobility therefore only an automatic transmission car will be suitable for him. It is not possible for him to travel in a cab or a bus and for three weeks no friend will be able to help him.

Why drive an automatic car?

In 1948, Oldsmobile launched the car named Hydro-Matic which was the car with an automatic transmission. The main purpose of this car was luxury which has turned out to be a facility for many people in different situations. This car made driving a much more pleasant job, since jerky gear shifts were not a problem for the driver anymore. After 60 years, automatic transmissions have gained more popularity in U.S. as compared to the manual transmission or what we may term as stick-shift. Just one question on everyone’s minds was which type of transmission is better? (Bentley) However, the answer to this varies according to the need of the user. Similarly, in our case we have a situation as well according to which we have to draw out the conclusion to this paper.

Automatic transmission started to gain its popularity in 1971 when it was actually to only ten percent of the automobiles produced by a single manufacturer who was British. This also had a drawback to itself which was its high cost. Therefore, users and manufacturers sought out ways to help manual car users to bring minor adjustments to their existing cars and thus save high costs.

Coming back to our scenario it is possible to drive using the injured left knee, but only if you have an automatic transmission car (Bentley). On top of that it is necessary that you are not taking any such medications which can alter or modify your mental condition adversely. Usually the patient needs a clearance certificate from the doctor to avoid any unnecessary tickets from the cops. It is very likely that the pain continues with little hiccups during the first 2-3 days during which the user can be very careful. This will occur anytime when you drive or even try to walk or do other different chores, with the wrecked knee.

The worry is typically response time and a vegetable leg for rapidly responding to emergency situations whenever the brake has to be functioned. However, this is all very common in patients with injury in the right leg or knee. If the injury is that of the left leg and an automatic transmission is being utilized, then the concern is much less except for the medications which might become an issue (Bentley). It is found that even in the first few days or the 3 weeks (as required in our case) will not become a problem as long as safety precautions are kept under consideration and the knee is kept stabilized under all circumstances.

If we look around ourselves, there are people with severe wreckage of their leg muscles or knee caps, but they are found to go through life normally and drive cars and do enormous daily chores and regular yet non competitive errands as long as it does not require the knee stability to be put to danger. This is all that is required initially to initially heal the ruptured muscles. After damage, the muscles do waste away and so…that may have an effect on some things that you can do until you get adequately away from the injury time and the muscles begin to make a come back.


In the previous section we provided a brief introduction to the case presented and discussed in detail the benefits of driving an automatic transmission car in this medical condition mentioned. The methodology improvised for the purpose of this paper comprises of a detailed description of the car and any terms imposed by the agency for renting a car from these agencies. The report comprises of an online research and all the listings below were gathered from the websites of the respective rental agencies. The dealers we have shortlisted for this report are Enterprise Rent a Car and Rhino Rent a Car. They operate heavily in the United States and overseas and pose to provide competitive rates as compared to others. There were three cars selected from a long list of cars. The details of these cars and their pricing to reach our required conclusion are presented in the results section.

The purpose of selecting the agencies was to provide ease of availability to the user as these are located in Vancouver, Washington DC where the user resides. This report is to envisage feasibility for selecting a suitable yet cost effective vehicle for this physically injured individual. Factors analyzed while selecting the cars include: cost, safety, accommodation of the cars.


Available at Rhino Car Hire- Vancouver, Washington (Rhino Car Hire).

Details of the first option

Looking for a sleek, beautiful yet a compact and wonderful driving then look no further as Ford Focus is the one with all these qualities. FOCUS is all about linking you unswervingly to the pleasure of driving without disengaging you from your money. That means FOCUS brings sporty style – obtainable in your preference of form (coupe or sedan) – along with physically perfect performance, a supple chassis and an ergonomically intended cockpit which is focused on the driver.

An Intermediate class vehicle Ford Focus, which has four doors, an automatic transmission, air conditioned and has a CD player with AM and FM tuner. However the user is limited to drive this car within Oregon and Washington, outside of which mileage is free 150 miles per day and $0.25 on every added mile for the entire rental period.

Terms and Conditions

Starting time is 12 noon and ending time is also 12 noon.

Price Quote
Price Quote.

Available at Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Vancouver, Washington (Enterprise Rent-A-Car ).

Details of the second option

This car is small, compact, spacious, safe and easy to drive, with great looks and an unmatchable performance. An Economy class vehicle Chevy Aveo which has four doors, an automatic transmission, air conditioned and has a CD player with AM and FM tuner. This car can accommodate 4 passengers. However the user is limited to drive this car within Oregon and Washington, outside of which mileage is free 135 miles per day and $0.25 on every added mile for the entire rental period.

Terms and Conditions

Starting time is 12 noon and ending time is also 12 noon.

Price Quote.
Price Quote.

Available at Enterprise Car Rental Vancouver, Washington (Enterprise Rent-A-Car).

Details of the third option

G6 offers impressions for everyone and anyone who wants to drive. Internal features such as average air-conditioning, audio system with theft prevention function and a volume which adjusts according to speed. The chrome makes the appealing power even greater and further enhances this cars demand. Moreover, the four-wheel ABS and all-speed footing power make it easy for the driver to avoid accidents. Should a mishap occur, this car also provides airbags for both front seated driver and passenger.

A Standard class vehicle Pontiac G6 with 4 doors, Automatic Transmission, Air Conditioned and AM/FM CD Player and can accommodate 5 passengers. However the company limits the driver to Oregon and Washington. Outside this area, mileage is 125 miles free per day and $0.25 each additional mile for the entire rental.

Terms and Costing

Starting time is 12 noon and ending time is also 12 noon.

Price Quote.
Price Quote.


It is highly recommended that an automatic car would suffice under this situation as it will benefit the user in many ways. Anyone who drives a manual transmission car understands how difficult it is to drive it when you have a leg injury. These situations are evaded with automatic transmissions, as the driver has to use only one leg for operating the vehicle and there is simply no pain involved in driving an automatic transmission.

In a situation as ours, the car that would match the requirements of the user is the Intermediate class vehicle Ford Focus which would be easy on the users pocket at $ 761.04USD for three weeks and also spacious enough for the user to feel comfortable driving it. This car has all the amenities required for the driver safety while on road. The next best alternative is Chevy Aveo which has all the same amenities but is smaller in size and does not prove to be that much of a relief on the pocket as compared to Ford Focus. Chevy Aveo will require $ 689.22 USD rental for three weeks which is an approximate $ 71.82 difference.

Also in our case it is beneficial to look at the cost factor to decide which car to choose as compared to the availability. Since it is a longer tenured rental, the cost should be given more leverage.


The feasibility provided is highly conclusive keeping in mind the factors analyzed while making a decision to rent a particular car. The person injured must keep in mind that the car selected does not only provide a cost effective solution to his needs but also provides safety on the road in case any mishap occurs. Careful driving is highly recommended as the control over the car is in the hands of the driver and reckless drives often pay a price for overlooking these basic facts.

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