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Family Nurse Practitioner in Professional Organizations


The nursing profession, in addition to professionalism, requires dedication and endurance, bordering on self-sacrifice. The specialist working in this sphere should not only know the theoretical part of medicine well but also be an excellent practitioner. The qualification of a nurse is essential both for patients and management. Self-education and the growth of mastery will contribute to medical workers’ recognition and career growth.

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As a specialist who is just planning to start my career, I have to decide where to apply and where it is best to perfect my skills and help people. The topic of employment is one of the critical issues for nurses since the way of self-realization of a nurse directly depends on this choice.

Type of Organization

The nursing profession is sufficiently high in demand. Almost every medical institution needs such employees. As for my preferences, I would gladly become a part of the collective of a modern diagnostic center where patients with different problems seek help. I would like this institution of healthcare to have quite an extended base of equipment and could provide a comprehensive diagnostic of the most diverse profile.

When speaking about a preferred specialization, I would like to work as a nurse in the department of functional diagnostics. As a rule, patients who want to undergo such procedures do not need regular care. Therefore, I will not have to deal with complex cases and experience psychological pressure caused by an adverse moral climate in the department.

Type and Number of Clients

I believe that patients who seek help in such departments usually have some common health problems and need to perform specific procedures. It can be both weak people who need help from nurses and quite active patients who just need some advice and recommendations. As a rule, such work does not require assistance to people with disabilities and aims at improving specific health indicators.

As for the number of patients, I believe that there will not be too many of them since not everyone is ready to perform appropriate procedures just for some health problems. Perhaps, an approximate number of patients is about 20-30 people per day. Such a figure is quite reasonable as a nurse in the department of functional diagnostics does not need to carry out complex care for each patient. I would like the work of the center to be organized in such a way that everyone could receive appropriate treatment and necessary care. It will allow me to improve my qualification and work periodically with different exciting cases, which will give me the opportunity to self-develop professionally.

Professional Fit for Advanced Nursing Role

It is necessary to work on improving relevant skills to correspond to the position that I would like to receive. During my education, I have managed to acquire quite valuable knowledge that could be useful for me at the center where I want to work. Nevertheless, I know that I need to pay attention to more specific points that are especially important to take into account when working in the department of functional diagnostics.

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In particular, I realize that I have to study the peculiarities of the use of specific equipment, as well as be trained to use the available center’s opportunities quickly and efficiently. Communication with colleagues and senior nurses can be a significant basis for acquiring an appropriate experience and proper orientation in the tasks that the leadership entrusts to me. According to Numminen et al. (2016), practice environment plays a significant role in the process of employees’ professional growth. Therefore, I suppose that consultations with colleagues and self-education can help me fit an advanced nursing role.

State Nursing Board and Role Implementation

Nursing work requires not only personal responsibility but also support from the state, as well as employment opportunities in a particular medical institution. According to Nurse Practice Act, I can count on protection from the labor legislation, as I, being a young specialist, can be an employee of an appropriate clinic or center (National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCBSN), 2015). Also, State Nursing Board can help in finding the desired healthcare institution. If there is a nurse vacancy in any center, the state can notify me about it and help with employment. Therefore, the role of this Board is significant and necessary.


Thus, the issue of employment is one of the relevant questions for nurses. The possibilities that the state offer to young specialists may help them become experienced and well-trained specialists. My desire to work in a modern diagnostic center may become real, and I believe that I have quite enough skills today to start a successful professional activity. The need for self-study and consultation with colleagues is entirely justified. It is necessary to participate actively in the work of the department and communicate with senior nurses and other employees to acquire essential skills and become an expert in the field of functional diagnostics, which is one of my today’s most urgent desires.


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