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Fashion Trends 2009: International Collections

Trends 2009 of the international collections have been presented during fashion weeks in Paris, New York, Milan and London. Spring-Summer textile collections were introduced through bright colors and asymmetrical style of clothes. Great well known designers managed to express their mastership and creativity demonstrating the public new fashionable style 2009.

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Fashionable style

Such trends and fashion names of the next season as Gucci, Roberto Cavalli, La Perla, Prada, Amanda Wakeley and Valentino demonstrated single-shouldered dresses and short one legged skirts. According to the results of fashion weeks the season 2009 will face the elements of eighties reflected on trousers and sleeves of the clothes. Besides, it is important to stress that huge earrings will be in fashion as well. Calvin Klein and Emilio Pucci showed the futurism dominance in the style of street fashion 2009. Short shorts and shrunken jackets were of the highest interest during fashion presentations. (Jones, 2009)

Textile colors used in fashion 2009 are predominantly neon bright and nude variations. According to the fashion report based on Fall 2009 Trends presented in Paris the basic elements of summer end will be classic and strong shoulders combined with tall shoes; Fall 2009 has shown leather trousers being the main thing in the wardrobe of the next season. Furs will be asymmetrically presented in the combination with classic tones of textile outerwear. (Coutorture, 2009)

At the beginning of the year Paris enjoyed the new collection presented by Chanel being performed in a romantic and innovative style. It is necessary to underline the fact that the demonstration room was all white; the heads of the girls were decorated with tiara constructions made of paper flowers. The collection demonstrated clinical minimalism through an all white collection reflecting the elements of graphic modernism and fresh extravagance. (Mower, 2009)

The Paris exhibition of Sonia Rykiel

The Paris exhibition of Sonia Rykiel at Les Arts Decoratifs presented motifs of black, stripes and rhinestones being characteristic features of the style. The dominant wear appeared to be velour suits, knitwear, printed dresses and slouchy pantsuits. The room of the presentation being decorated with the images of models underlined Rykiel’s individuality demonstrated throughout her 40 year career. (Sonia Rykiel’s exhibition in Paris, 2009)

Indigo Fair organized in Paris being completely specialized in textiles involved this year the number of creative and significant collections of the greatest world designers. The exhibition visitors of Indigo 2008 managed to enjoy unique textile designs having the elements of the nature and soft colors. The style demonstrated during the show appealed by its sharp forms of the textile pictures and elements of extravagance expressed through the nature motifs introduction. Textile fair designers showed square and strict forms combined with the shadows of bright colors such as orange and red. Extraordinary elements of materials were mixed with the softness and mildness of nature. This year presentation will be held in September, 15 in Paris involving the professionals of the world level. (Indigo, 2009)

So, trend report 2009 showed that this year will see unexpected extravagance in style of clothes and its mixture with accessories. Well known designers demonstrated the brightness and individuality of fashion 2009 combined with the elements of eighties and seventies making their collections expressive and harmonic.

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