Fat Acceptance and Body Positivity

The modern movement towards body positivity presents serious health threats, such as obesity and chronic diseases. Along with weight stigma, fat acceptance can lead to gaining even more weight since a person starts considering his or her excessive weight normal (Tomiyama 10).

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The promotion of models with excessive weight causes the admiration of ill-health people, whose body perception tends to become incorrect. In addition to obesity, fat acceptance is associated with diabetes, cardiovascular issues, and hypertension. Extra wright increases the blood pressure and makes additional pressure on one’s heart, increasing the likelihood of stroke (Chastain 26). At the same time, early death is another negative consequence, which is largely caused by a cardiovascular disease and cancer.

The stereotypes of fat people with regard to their health compose the concept of sizeism, which includes fat-shaming and disrespectful treatment. According to Previte and Gurrieri, sizeism does not exist since such assumptions as “fat persons are lazy” or “fat people are sick” can be noted only at the individual level (338). However, the burden of the mentioned phenomenon is noted by Chrisler and Barney, who argue that like other forms of oppression, it is related to unfairness (42).

Another argument refers to the the so-called Pigovian taxation, also known as fat tax, is one of the solutions to reduce obesity by setting higher charges for overweight people and fattening food. The incidents of sizeism also refer to such assumptions that fat people do not lead romantic lives or that they always want to become skinny (Kyle et al. 516). Thus, it is evident that excessive fat is unhealthy, and the support for body acceptance makes a negative impact on body positivity.

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