Racism Effects in “Warriors Don’t Cry” by Melba Beals


The history of America has numerous events and dates that contribute to its unique character and diversity. The arrival of the first Europeans, the evolution of colonies, the struggle for independence, and the formation of nationhood are the central factors that shaped the mentality of people living here. Unfortunately, along with some honorable acts, there are some unpleasant and even ugly phenomena that still affect society and people living in the USA. Mainly this statement is related to racism, which is the major social stigma deteriorating the quality of people’s lives and resulting in the appearance of undesired tendencies that precondition the segregation and split of communities.

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The deplorable fact is that the ruthless exploitation of the black population was the basis for the creation of the state on these territories. Since the first years of colonization, Europeans from various countries such as England, Spain, Portugal, and Holland, had been delivering thousands of black slaves who were used at plantations, mines, and other spheres to create the economy, promote the development of various industries, and generate wealth for owners. People living here were able to enjoy all these factors and improve the quality of their lives, but for black slaves, the situation remained unchanged.

The fast-growing cities and economy, along with changes in people’s mentalities, created the basis for the formation of the nation of Americans and the War for Independence. Moreover, the Civil War, as the opposition between the North, with liberal views, and the South, with people trying to preserve slavery, became another turning event in the history of the USA. With its end, all enslaved people were proclaimed free, but segregation became a social stigma of the USA. In Warriors Don’t Cry, the author outlines how it works in the new era as black people are still deprived of their basic rights and are considered inferior to whites.

Beals shows that racism remained strong, especially in the South, as these regions have always had their own specific attitudes to African-Americans. They were subjected to segregation, and their basic rights were infringed. Formally free and equal, black people had to live in special areas, study at certain educational establishments, and their interaction with the whites was strictly limited and regimented by stereotypes and unsaid rules. In Warriors Don’t Cry, we can see evidence of this idea. Nine black children enter an all-white school to challenge society and change the situation by passive resistance (Beals 21).

It is taken as a unique precedent, and members of the local community meet it with anger, rage, and violence. However, Melba, who is born in a segregated society, faces everything with politeness, patience, and readiness to keep moving forward towards the alteration in the attitude to black people in the USA (Beals 56). She is sure that people should make their decisions resting more on such virtues as honor, love, respect, and step away from biased stereotypes and racial issues.


In such a way, Warriors Don’t Cry shows the people’s perceptions of the race before the Civil Rights Movements and achievements of the modern world. Melba and other black children who go to the whites’ school are true warriors who never cry and meet all challenges with a smile, being sure that violence is a remnant of the past, while their passive resistance can change the world and show people that African Americans deserve better attitudes and should be integrated with the society.

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