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Fire Dynamics Simulator


Fires can result from negligence, an accident and malicious act causing disastrous fire outbreaks, supported by the presence of air combustion, nitrogen and hydroxyl air. Meanwhile, we employ proper techniques to fight this fire. Individual people and firms have decided to look at the efficient ways and the fastest possible way to fight any outbreak of fire before it causes a bigger disaster. Meanwhile, there are several models employed by existing firms that fight against fire, which has made critical research provide the best solutions.

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People employ these techniques for their safety. Hence, the introduction of a fire dynamic simulator has been of more value to people and firms when they fight against fire outbreaks. Many countries, protect their historical buildings from fire outbreaks by employing thorough research using fire dynamics simulators since building acts as a tourism attraction providing an income and revenue to the government.

Fire dynamics

Fire dynamics are the study of how the interaction of various chemical components within engineering disciplines governed by the knowledge acquired from fire investigators’ techniques. This exercise involves the elimination of heat transfer from fire combustion, which results in disastrous fire outbreaks. Fire outbreaks protection is because of the presence of oxygen. A fire extinguisher has an exceptional gas that eliminates and puts off fire. Fire dynamics have been a substantial discipline to fire engineers who train to fight against fire outbreaks.

Fluid flow is a unit taught in the discipline of science, which has background information on how fire spreads. The outbreak of fire may be because of negligence, an accident and malicious act. Fire results from different occasions like electrical defaults and direct ignition. Fire is a reaction between carbon and oxygen. When carbon combines with oxygen, it forms a final product of carbon IV oxide (Drysdale, 1999).

Fire Dynamics Simulator

Fire dynamics simulator is software driven by fire fluid flow and characterized by computational fluid dynamics. It works efficiently by solving Navier-Stokes equations appropriately, determining the speed of the fluid, its thermal behaviors and transportation of smoke and heat from fire outbreak. The Fire dynamics simulator software has algorithms characteristics recognized by computers hardware hence working efficiently to deliver the correct and accurate results from the fire outbreak. Fire Dynamics simulator is software developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology collaboration with Technical Research Center of Finland, with the aim how someone can handle system and detect its cause.

Fire Dynamics Simulator has been a successful program to computer era since the year 2000. It reads input parameters from the text file and gives out a solution, for the problems keyed in the system within the shortest time possible. Fire dynamic simulator software animates on the screen when running and processing computational equations to give the results. Smoke-view software allows animation to appear on the screen. Hence, the fire dynamics simulator reads out the input files and gives out the results according to its tabulation. We have other companion software’s that works with Fire Dynamics Simulator software for it to animate data files on the screen of a computer.

Fire Modeling

Fire modeling is a tool used by engineers during their research, fire investigators and learning institutions to study the behaviors of fire outbreaks. The core discipline of these models is the computational fluid dynamic. Computational fluid dynamic model can be determined the behaviors of fire outbreak cells as well as dividing these cells into small divisions. The division determines and solves combustion equations, the rate of heat transfer and the mass of transported cells within the model. Meanwhile, smoke-view NIST determines the output of the results by visualizing the results in a three-dimension format (Kessell, 1979).

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Numerical Simulation of Fire Dynamics

This technique has grown spontaneously due to the introduction of computers. Meanwhile, fire simulation protects historical building when employed. Experts use simulation to analyze building parts used by the insurance company and exercise evacuation simulations. These concepts administer the movement and the spread of smoke and fire. However, simulation has helped in the improvement and development of safety by installing and adhering to rules set to fight against the fire. A certificate given by the government ensures that, each building constructed gets safety precautions that comply with protection regulations.

Meanwhile, the insurances companies and court authorities use fire simulation as evidence when there is a claim of compensation from fire outbreaks from individuals as well as various firms. Many firms and individual people insure their properties against fire outbreak. They claim compensation when fire destructs their properties hence insurance company has to investigate the cause before compensation. Simulation detector determines moisture concentration and estimate damage capacity to give out the correct measure employed to protect fire outbreak. However, sprinkler and water mist systems method estimates the damage capacity from the fire outbreak.

Water mist, nitrogen and hydroxyl air systems are the elements of combustion that leads to fire outbreak. Simulation detector measures suppression efficiency in smoke extraction ventilation and gives out the distinctive results (Kleiser, 1999).

However, Numerical Simulation of Fire Dynamics critically analyzes zonal models, which has empirical equations applied to determine large volumes of smoke both upper and lower air smoke division. According to the analysis, the computation fluid Dynamics with the help of computer capabilities has not exceeded one million as compares to 20 volumes tabulated earlier. Moreover, fire dynamic simulator is useful especially when we have an outbreak of fire.

California State uses air tankers when fighting against fire. The S2 tankers drop retardant foam: hence, water does not mix with retardant foam. This is the most efficient ways to the system and it consumes less time when fighting fire. However, hydrants water may be applicable in those areas far from offshore and lakes. This method employed by California City borrows the knowledge of the fire dynamic simulator to fight against fire outbreak in their cities.


Overall, Fire dynamic simulator monitor and determines the right quantity of components to use when fighting fire. The computational simulation software determines and tabulates the results by the help of a computer and able to provide the right solution within the shortest time possible. Fire Dynamics Simulator has been a successful program to computer era since the year 2000.

Fire dynamics have been a substantial discipline to fire engineers who train to fight against fire outbreaks. It reads input parameters from the text file and gives out a solution for the problems, keying information in the system. Engineers, fire investigators and learning institutions, employ several models to study the behaviors of fire outbreaks and determine the way forward to fight fire. Fire is disastrous to people lives and properties; hence, it is essential to find the right, possible and efficient way to fight against the fire on time.

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