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Five Principles of Connection Art and Christianity

Christianity plays a significant role in the creativity and talents of the artists, explaining how these skills emerge and how people should engage with religious norms and expectations. Barrs (2013) applies five principles of this connection between art and Christianity to demonstrate how the artworks should serve all humans. The final project reflects these principles demonstrating how art benefits God, the artist, and the community, supports domination of humans in the world, and emphasizes the necessity to follow the religious principles of morality.

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The project might glorify God because the talent of the artist develops through His blessing. Since divinity gives all the skills and capacities of people, humans should pay attention to the themes and matters they cover in their works of art. These subjects and presentation methods should correspond to individuals’ religious and moral principles to make the artworks veritable and genuine and correspond to the ethical norms.

At the same time, an artist should also benefit from the talent, making the project the subject of personal satisfaction. The ability and expertise can be regarded as a specific gift given to a particular person with a certain purpose. Consequently, artists should enjoy the feeling of fulfillment associated with acknowledging the exclusiveness of their personalities. This exceptionality can be expressed and revealed in paintings.

Simultaneously, society should also enjoy the talent of the artists. Since people create pictures to display them to others, this project might provide a specific effect on the viewers to make them appreciate and admire this representation. The talents of the creators are given to them for the peculiar purposes determined by God. When artists design something that pleases the community, they can fulfill their responsibility to serve society and reflect the word of God in their work.

The painting might demonstrate how the expertise of the artist reflects the power of people in the universe. The ability of the creators to make canvases induce emotions and ideas reveals the strength and uniqueness of humans. When artists follow their calling and use their talent to design something that never existed before, they fulfill the plan of God and prove that people’s abilities and power are not invented in vain.

The project might help people redeem their sins and improve their perception of human life on the planet. Art is one form of presentation of society’s fallacies and illusions that helps people understand their problems and open their eyes to the issues that impede their connection with God. The works of art display how people’s behavior changes and how the relationship between individuals and religion develops. Accordingly, the painting has the opportunity to contribute to the purification of people’s souls and their minds to make them more close to God.

Thus, the final project displays the interrelation between creativity and God, revealing that art might please God, creators, and society; prove that people dominate this world; help to establish a connection between people and religion. The painting might correspond to God’s word because the artist’s talent depends on divinity. Moreover, the creator should benefit from the artwork because the project is a sign of personal and professional fulfillment. Besides, people are expected to enjoy their work because it has to serve them. Finally, the painting might display humans’ power and help them strengthen their position through connection with God.

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Barrs, J. (2013). Echoes of Eden: Reflections on Christianity, literature, and the arts. Crossway.

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