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Franchise Opportunities in IT

One of the most known around the world entrepreneurs is Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder of Facebook. Initially, the project included only the students at Harvard University, but started to expand rapidly and subsequently spread to other colleges and then the whole world. It was quite a remarkable achievement for a 23-year-old student without prior experience. I believe him to be a successful person as he proved it possible to create a project like Facebook at a young age without the initial capital investment. He is an example of a person who managed to become a self-made billionaire by implementing a good idea without the support of other companies.

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Out of all the available franchises in the area of IT services, I would choose CMIT solutions due to their complex approach to the clients’ issues. This company provides IT solutions to small and medium-sized businesses and develops technologies that help to improve productivity indicators through facilitating online communication with customers. The initial franchise fee varies depending on numerous external factors such as local competition or market size. On average, the fee would be about 50,000-60,000$, and the franchise may locate across the USA and Canada.

I find this idea appealing as, in the age of modern technologies and their rapid development, the problem of communication is becoming more serious. Many small and medium-sized businesses eventually fail due to their inability to create an efficient network of employees and a platform for interaction with customers. As a result, the customers tend to ignore the profitability of a company’s offers if their website interface is unclear, and the means of communication are limited. As in the case of Mark Zuckerberg, the creation of an efficient communication platform provides better results.

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