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Entrepreneurship on Mark Zuckerberg’s Example

Upbringing and environment can influence entrepreneurship, but this is not enough. Many people have good opportunities, but not all of them become great.

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In the case of Mark Zuckerberg, these factors had a positive impact since his parents could fully provide for his basic needs. Mark Zuckerberg grew up in a wealthy, well-educated family in a small village in New York County (Hartmans, 2021). His parents helped him develop his hobby; they hired a tutor; used programs that Mark created for communication at home and at work ( Editors, 2018). Zuckerberg earned a reputation as a seasoned developer in college and participated in several projects but then dropped them for Facebook.

The theory of successful entrepreneurship is a combination of several processes. These are to seize opportunities, integrate resources, innovate and act quickly (Hisrich and Kearney, 2014). Mark Zuckerberg combined these options, being innovative and passionate about their idea, which is the key to success (Wei et al., 2020). A limitation of the theory may be a lack of personality traits that inhibit the process.

A prime example for comparing Mark Zuckerberg’s success is Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google. He was born into a low-income family in India; his father was an electrical engineer. Additionally, like Mark, from childhood, he was committed to technology but had fewer opportunities. Sundar and Mark used leadership and personality to shape and implement innovative ideas (Singh, 2019). A suitable theory for the two entrepreneurs is dependence on market success, not genius ideas (Drucker, 2015).

Zuckerberg’s abilities, personality traits, and passions helped him achieve success. Entrepreneurship can be stimulated by family background via supporting an idea (Ranwala, 2016). Furthermore, the individual-opportunity framework emphasizes that entrepreneurial development requires both entrepreneurial people and opportunities (Individual-Opportunity Nexus Theory, 2017).

The environments and obstacles in the case of Mark Zuckerberg have helped shape his unique management style. He has developed a transformational leadership style in action, which is why he is described as a hopeful and aggressive person (Geekmaster, 2020). In addition, hard work and the ability to establish contact with people were instilled in him from childhood. Mark is an inspiring person who has leadership qualities and knows how to take advantage of opportunities.

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