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Gender Inequality Issue and Solutions

Gender inequality is one issue I feel strongly about following its negative impacts on societies. It is the state in which all individuals, regardless of their sex or gender identity, are able to access and enjoy the same opportunities, rights, and resources. Many advancements have been made toward achieving gender equality over the past few decades, but there is still a long way to go. Gender equality is important because it is a human right, essential for economic growth, and helps in ensuring that all genders receive better education, thus making gender inequality an issue.

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Gender equality is a key human right that should be enjoyed by everyone. All people – regardless of their gender – should be able to enjoy the same rights and opportunities. I believe that every person, regardless of their sex, deserves equal treatment under the law and deserves an equal opportunity to achieve their dreams. Additionally, gender inequality is an issue since it does not make sense to mistreat someone based on their sex, which they do not have control over; nobody dictated their gender during creation. Gender equality is essential for economic growth in every nation (Smith 13). When women have the same opportunities as men, economies grow faster compared to when only men are favored. Again, the nation cannot reach its full potential if some of its population is held back and oppressed because of their sex.

No gender should be discriminated against because everyone needs education to succeed. All parents wish and support their children to succeed, but on the other hand, chances of finding a job to support the family become limited without education (Smith 11). A lack of education limits women’s opportunities and keeps them in poverty. Women with an education are more likely to have healthier children, earn more money, and be involved in their community development (Smith 5). In many parts of the world, women are still denied education and often trapped in a cycle of poverty and abuse. Many women have lost their lives as a result of depression following the fact that they could not provide for their families (Smith 13). Some of them have also involved themselves in dangerous activities to sustain their families. These women’s deaths are due to struggling to provide for their families due to the lack of education.

Gender equality is a human right that all should enjoy, and nobody deserves mistreatment since no one dictated their gender during their creation. Similarly, gender inequality remains an issue because all genders are needed for economic growth, and nations cannot grow to their potential if part of their population is sabotaged. Conversely, all genders need education for job security to support their families, failure to which they experience depression and get into dangerous activities such as prostitution to raise income.

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