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The COVID-19 Pandemic Impact on Society

COVID-19 is a pandemic that has resulted in a significant loss of human life in America and worldwide. Additionally, it poses an unprecedented threat to food systems, the workplace, and public health. The pandemic’s economic and social effects are devastating where a plethora of individuals risk falling into extreme poverty and a significant amount of people being undernourished with chances of an increase in the numbers. The pandemic has harmed the economy and substantially impacted the health, economic, social, and environmental spheres.

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Why it has Impacted Individual People

Individuals and society were affected by COVID-19, which resulted in stress, anxiety, and stigma. Individual behavior has a significant impact on the dynamics of the pandemic, including its intensity, flow, and aftereffects. COVID-19 traveled quickly from person to person, prompting regional lockdowns to prevent the disease from spreading further (Bilal et al. 993). Isolation, social alienation, and the shutdown of employment, educational, and entertainment venues forced Americans to stay at home to help break the transmission cycle (Bilal et al. 994). However, the restrictive measures have negatively impacted individuals’ social and mental health. Americans’ mental health has deteriorated due to quarantine and self-isolation, which have caused loss of independence, boredom, separation from loved ones, and uncertainty.

Impact the Economy of the US

COVID-19 harms US’s economic growth based on two key factors. Initially, the global epidemic’s exponential growth contributed directly to great concern about financial and capital market instability. Second, countries have carefully limited human mobility and transportation to track the spread of the epidemic, resulting in a significant reduction in economic activity, placing pressure on productive economic activity and its consumer (Mofijur et al. 343). COVID-19’s spread continues to pose a severe threat to public health and significantly impacts America’s economy. The pandemic has caused lockdowns in America, resulting in several consequences, including business closures, job losses, and stock market crashes.

Impact on American’s Sense of Security

COVID-19 makes maintaining ready forces challenging. Pandemics motivate soldiers to take a break, just as they do for civilians. In addition, naval patrols are arduous because ships are at risk of becoming viral hotspots, as the USS Theodore Roosevelt demonstrated (Priborkin n.d.). COVID-19 has already had a significant economic impact on the United States, necessitating substantial public funding to keep the economy afloat. If there is pressure to cut the military budget, the intelligence community will undoubtedly play a more prominent role in US grand strategy. The pandemic has brought pressure to focus on intelligence as compensation for the military.

Impact on American’s Foreign Policy

COVID-19 has fundamentally altered the face of international relations. In a matter of months after the pandemic struck, the world became a less interconnected place (Newman). Air travel, international trade, and transportation all saw significant declines. The world economy shrank and entered a recession; as a result, many countries have enforced travel bans (Newman). Economic priorities, such as large-scale infrastructure investment to create jobs, will have to be balanced against previously established environmental policies. The oil price has plummeted worldwide, placing pressure on energy policies (Newman). Finally, the pandemic has made handling vast numbers of passengers in limited places risky for public transportation systems which wreck America’s economy.

Impact on Daily Lives of Americans

COVID-19 has disrupted daily life and slowed the global economy. In addition, thousands of people have been affected by this pandemic, who are either sick or dying due to the disease’s spread (Haleem et al.). The service industry is unable to deliver adequate service due to the pandemic. Additionally, large-scale tournaments and sports are postponed or canceled. There is undue stress on the American population as individuals face social isolation from their peers and family members.

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