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Poverty Causes and Solutions in Latin America


The lack of equality in the distribution of goods among the world population is conditional upon historical processes. They primarily include colonization of different regions by European countries and the consequent exploitation of their people and resources for their benefit. From this perspective, Latin America was no exception to the rule, and the mentioned events significantly affected its economic development. Therefore, it is critical to understand the importance of the interference of Europe in its affairs and its impact on industrial progress while referring to the general principles of poverty.

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Analysis of The Statement

Colonialism and slavery in Latin America were the conditions that determined the disadvantaged position of the region and its extreme dependency on other countries. Due to the fact that prosperity is unattainable in the specified conditions, the situation remained unfavorable for these countries while the wealth was exported to the New World. In this way, during the colonial period, which lasted for several centuries, the produced raw materials and food could not be viewed as an advantage for their progress. Hence, structural economic issues and impoverishment of Latin America can be explained by its importance for the governments which intended to occupy new territories.

In turn, the subsequent recovery of Latin American countries during the first quarter of the 19th century was the consequence of their acquired independence. However, this process was complicated by the fact that the region was not accustomed to maintaining international relationships without external assistance. Its integration into the world economy was successful only when the affected governments learned to distribute their resources in an efficient way. From this point of view, their role as exporters of commodities initially declined since the establishment of the structure was time-consuming. As follows from the mechanism of colonization by Europe in the past, increasing freedom means improving the situation over time, whereas instantaneous results are hardly possible.


In my opinion, the situation of Latin American countries correlates with the principles of inequality in resources and poverty stemming from it. The information from the documentary corresponds to these issues and explains the process of emerging structural economic issues. From this perspective, any challenges of this nature are directly connected to the available goods and their distribution. The regions, which manage to obtain the majority of materials for ensuring prosperity and boosting industrialization, tend to depend on others, as in the case of Latin America. Meanwhile, the latter also cannot survive without them because their operations are linked to the needs of wealthy governments.

These circumstances lead to the conclusion that their relationships can be described as a mutual dependency, which defines the less privileged position of the colonies and guarantees the increase in economic indicators of colonizers. Both parties face the necessity to readjust to new conditions once their interaction patterns are changed in any way. The poor regions start struggling with the lack of knowledge of critical economic operations when performed independently. In turn, the prosperous ones do not have sufficient resources to maintain the established procedures, which means a crisis for all participants.


To summarize, the emergence of poverty in countries is related to their disadvantaged and dependent position compared to other governments. As in the case of Latin America, it determines the impossibility of economic progress, while the change in its situation means another challenge deriving from the absence of knowledge of applicable practices. In addition, the colonizers also suffer substantial losses due to insufficiency of resources, and they have to timely adapt to the evolving environment.

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