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Genetic Modification of Organisms to Meet Human Needs


One of the greatest scientific breakthroughs of the 21st century has been the ability of humans to modify organisms to satisfy their needs. This advancement has had many impacts on human lives, both negative and positive. However, the positive effects of this development have been far greater than the negative impacts, and this development has made life better in general. The modification includes cultivation and manipulation of crops, selective breeding, fermentation products, genetic engineering, forensic biology, treatment of oil spills, and making biofuels. Genetic modification of plants and animals for food has increased crop yields as the modified plants and animals have more desirable features such as better production.

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Better Food Production

The cost of production of food has decreased because of the genetic modification of various plants. This is due to specific modification of plant species by species resistant to pests. The plants that are resistant to pests do not require insecticides, which ensures that farmers can save on the cost of pesticides. The increased production of food at a cheaper cost guarantees food security and promises to eliminate food shortages and hunger globally. Multiple agricultural organizations, both global and national in various places, encourage their people to plant modified plants to ensure increased yields. These modified plants grow up to reasonable heights and do not occupy much space within the gardens. This ensures maximum utilization of space and enhances effectiveness. The modified animals such as pigs also guarantee higher reproduction hence more meat. They are resistant to diseases that ordinarily affect pigs and are therefore better suited for food production.

Better Economics

In addition to increased food production, modified organisms are a source of bigger profit and hence generally better for business people. The increased scientific developments in this field promise to be a source of economic stimulation and development. Less capital is spent on resources such as the health of organisms and space. Nutritional value is enhanced in modified organisms through the addition of previously lacking minerals and vitamins. This ensures better health for the people consuming these organisms hence a healthier world. Modified organisms are also better adapted to the harsh conditions in some parts of the world. Some plants are genetically modified to guarantee their survival in harsh conditions such as drought-laden areas. This feature ensures that seasonal variations are not a barrier to agriculture and food production in general.

Counterarguments and Conclusion

Those against modifying organisms for human needs argue that this development interferes with their moral and religious beliefs. This raises a dilemma over whether moral and religious reasons should be overlooked in the advancement of the human species. These issues must be overlooked since the survival of the human species is of paramount importance. The manipulation of organisms is a development that enhances the chances of the human species surviving extinction in the face of many adverse factors. Other oppositions argue that modified organisms interfere with the ecosystem and may damage the natural environment. The environment has changed over the decades, so modified organisms cannot solely be blamed for this. Science can, however, devise ways of ensuring the changes in the environment are not excessively damaging. In conclusion, the field of organism modification is one of the greatest advancements in science and should be aggressively pursued to ensure its full benefits are realized.

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