Pizza as One of the Most Famous Food in London

“Can you imagine adding some fruits from your ornamental house tree to favorite dish? Would you be brave enough to exchange your traditional normal bread into a multi flavors gradients that collected from around the entire world? Dear reader, this month we would like to present a new recipe for the new type of bread that recently discovered and probably will become one of the most famous food in London. This plate is known by Pizza, which is a combination of cheese and some vegetables and other thing that you might be never saw before. People at London might not get the chance to taste this delicious food if there wasn’t connection and trading with other parts of the world.”…

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The most revolutionary thing about pizza is that it combines three key ingredients to become one of the tastiest foods to date. This dish utilizes our London-made bread and uses other ingredients from across the seas. The dish is made using a peculiar chief ingredient that comes from America, and it is known as tomato. We first heard of tomatoes when the Queen’s explorers visited the new world. We heard that the tomatoes are used to make various types of food, and that is why we want to use them to make our pizza.

The Spanish explorers were the first people to hear about this wonderful product, and we are willing to send our very own merchants to fetch this ingredient. The merchants will start their journey here in London and then head west until they get to the new world where they will bring us the edible versions of tomatoes (the ones that are consumed by exotic people along the Atlantic Ocean).

Some of our people are fearful that tomatoes might bring harm to them if they eat them, but our merchants will first consume them with the natives of the new world before bringing them to us. Our merchants will take grains to the Americas and exchange them with these tomatoes. The merchants will travel through ships and follow the ‘Columbian’ route until they get to the new world. We are aware that the merchants can only find the tomatoes in Hispaniola or the lands that surround it.

It is our hope that the colorful people of Hispaniola will be kind enough to exchange their tomatoes with our grain. Prior visits to the new world have shown that the inhabitants of the new world are kind, although their process of exchanging goods is complex because they insist on performing various rituals before finalizing the trade. We have instructed our merchants to be on the lookout for other great products that we can add to the pizza, including anchovies and garlic. Some of these ingredients can also be found in the new world.

The other expedition will set out in search of the other main ingredient in pizza, cheese. The search for cheese takes us inland to Cheshire. The merchants will have to cross rivers and traverse through villages in order to gain access to the famed Cheshire cheese. The recent floods in the nearby Suffolk areas have brought diseases that affected cattle in a great manner, and there is no more cheese near London. Consequently, our merchants will use horse-drawn carts to go and collect as much cheese as possible from Cheshire.

It is important to remember that people from London are not the only ones who are interested in Cheshire Cheese. For instance, the merchants from London will encounter other traders from areas such as Staffordshire, South Lancashire, Shropshire, and even Wales.

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It is impossible to know how much the farmers from Cheshire will charge our merchants for their cheese because sometimes its demand is quite high. Furthermore, it is possible that the merchants that we have sent to Cheshire will only manage to get a small amount of cheese. After all the pizza ingredients are brought back to London, we will invite all the residents at the town-square to taste our delicious dish.

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