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Global Business Ethics


The video under analysis in the current paper is developed by the Prentice Hall, Inc. for the purposes of education and management qualification development in regards to business ethics principles observed across the cultures and countries in the modern globalized world. The overall purpose of the work is to update the modern ideas about ethical and unethical behaviors in various regions of the world.

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The first impression the video makes upon the spectator is that the authors of the work have taken their time to considerably and deeply inquire about the ethics development in international business and tried to present the findings of the inquiry in a laconic but detailed manner. The topics of globalization and ethics across cultures in the globalized world of today are illustrated with specific examples, and this adds to the credibility of the work (Prentice Hall, 2004).


Globalization is one of the most important topics touched upon in the video by Prentice Hall (2004). The narration concerning the impacts of globalization upon the business developments and ethics in the human society is accompanied by the video shots of the four dominant business regions in the current world, i. e. Europe, USA, China, and India. Stressing the role of ethics in business, the narrator wonders how the globalization and intercultural cooperation might transform business ethics as such (Prentice Hall, 2004).

With this, the video by Prentice Hall (2004) moves on to the consideration of the second major topic, i. e. business across cultures. This topic involves deeper consideration and includes the specific examples that concern the international patterns of ethics in management, the relations between the employers and employees, and the practices of gift giving and bribery in the context of business ethics (Prentice Hall, 2004).

Based on the overview of the video and the discussion of its major topics, it can be stated that the major purpose of the video by Prentice Hall (2004) is to educate the people trying to connect their future career with business management and facilitate intercultural awareness in business companies. The video presents the main topics and then provides a deep insight into the business ethics topic. Accordingly, business management students and currently operating managers can be called the target audience of the video (Prentice Hall, 2004).

Needless to say, the relevance of the topic of business ethics in the globalized world cannot be doubted. As the video illustrates, the modern world is subjected to the elimination of boundaries and integration of cultures (Prentice Hall, 2004). Therefore, understanding the ethical principles of other cultures allows carrying out more successful and potentially beneficial business in the international market. The account presented in Prentice Hall’s video is also deep and detailed as apart from general statements about the topic importance and existing ethical differences, the video provides specific examples from the areas of ethical implications for business management and the practices of using connections, gift giving, and bribery in business.


Finally, the video is comprehensible for the wide audience as it is delivered in a simple language in which business terminology is reduced to the minimum so that every interested person could access the video and understand its message. Thus, the video by Prentice Hall (2004) can be considered as a valuable, relevant, and widely accessible source of information about the business ethics across the cultures of the modern globalized world.

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