Global Warming and Its Threats: Debates

Defining the Topic

The global warming phenomena has been traced to the continued release of greenhouse gases by factories, cars, and a variety of other industrial processes that have continued to grow unabated for the past century.

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As human civilization continues to expand it brings with it an ever-increasing demand for resources such as food, raw materials, and space. Not only that, increased levels of industrialization in the form of the ever-growing number of factories will be needed as the hunger for consumer goods continues to increase as well. Unfortunately, the end result of such actions is an increased level of strain on the ecosystem of the planet which has manifested itself as the current global warming phenomenon which various experts indicate will lead to the destruction of Earth’s ecosystem and thus humanity itself.

Team Roles

Our team is in support of the notion that the threat of global warming hasn’t been overstated and as such, each of us will present a variety of arguments that detail how the global warming phenomenon is a problem that needs to be dealt with in the immediate future.

(Insert the name of group member here) will introduce the main argument that is being utilized to justify the threat of global warming and will elaborate on the possibility that the end of the world is within the timeline indicated by scientists today if no drastic changes in resource use and consumption are implemented. (Insert the name of group member here) will examine the effects global warming has had on various natural environments, its effects on species and finally will elaborate on how through global warming and the decline of the polar icecaps this would result in even greater increased temperatures creating an even worse situation for humanity. I on the other hand will summarize all the points presented and indicate our team’s position based on all that has been presented within this debate.


We acknowledge that global warming is a very real phenomenon that has been brought about through humanity’s continued industrial expansion and development and we argue that the various scenarios indicated by the experts have not been overstated and exaggerated but rather are factual and necessary in order to convince people, companies, and countries to change the way in which they utilize and consume resources.

Negative Arguments

One of the main arguments in support of the threat of global warming comes in the form of erratic weather patterns, extended cases of drought or flooding as well as numerous odd climate changes that are unprecedented in the planet’s history that has occurred within the past 10 years or so. Such changes have been connected to the increased temperatures within the Earth’s atmosphere brought about by greater amounts of Greenhouse gases. Scientists indicate that if no drastic changes in consumption are done within the next 15 years then it is very likely that the Earth will reach a tipping point wherein the changes made over the past few centuries through the human activity will be irreversible and lead to the complete and utter destruction of the planet’s natural environment.

There is obviously some form of human impact on the global environment since subsequent increases in industrialization have resulted in greater amounts of greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere which have been proven to cause increased temperatures. Such temperatures can and definitely will lead to adverse consequences on the environment with the end result being that if nothing is done within the next 15 years to reduce either humanity’s impact on the current environment or resolve the issue of increasing global temperatures through some other means then it is highly likely that the environment will reach a period of un-sustainability resulting in the subsequent death of not only a large percentage of the species on the planet but of humanity itself.

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All of the problems presented so far can be connected to one incontrovertible fact, that it is human activity in the form of global warming that is behind what can only be described as an imbalance within the natural order of the environment.

Coral reefs have been on the decline as a result of higher water temperatures caused by global warming which has in effect robbed thousands of species of their habitats underwater. Not only that, the unabated release of fossil fuels into the Earth’s atmosphere has in effect caused a systematic increase in global temperatures which has lead to the melting of the polar ice caps causing a rise in sea levels which has offset the delicate balance of several ecosystems around the world.

Of particular interest is the impact the current trend in global warming has had on species within the Arctic since many of the inhabitants of this vast icy wasteland depend on the ice flows as a means of breeding, escape, hunting, foraging, and a vast array of activities which animals in their natural habitat do on a daily basis. Since the polar ice caps are responsible for reflecting a large percentage of the Sun’s rays away from the Earth their subsequent decline within the past few decades can and will result in more solar energy being absorbed by the Earth’s surface resulting in even higher temperatures within the next few years.

In fact, we may already be feeling the effects of polar icecap decline which would explain the current periods of drought, heavy rain, and strange weather patterns as we are witnessing gradual changes in the Earth’s environment as a direct result of the combined effects of both global warming and the shrinking ice caps.

Summarizing the Case

Based on the various pieces of data that has been presented so far, it is evident that dramatic changes have indeed occurred within Earth’s ecosystem within the past few decades in the form of increased temperatures, climate change, and erratic weather patterns with such changes wholly being attributed to global warming.

Global warming is a direct result of human industrial activity and as such has contributed to the occurrence of such phenomena with the various points made by the experts that have been shown by us as not being exaggerated in the least but rather are points with solid factual data behind which shows just how bad the current situation on the planet has become as a direct result of human activity and as such they highlight the necessity for change in what we do.

Big Finish

Based on the various arguments and data snippets presented it can be stated that it is the result of human activity in the form of global warming that can and will lead to the extinction of all life on Earth if nothing is done within the next few years. All of us have a responsibility to act in some way to prevent this from occurring unless we want future generations to suffer the consequences of our misguided folly.

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