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Environmental Problems and Social Movements


Environmental safety has come to be among the most volatile topics of discussion at the local, national, and international levels. With the emergence of global warming, greenhouse effects, and other environmental issues, countries have resolved to use a united approach in solving these problems. There are very many factors that exacerbate the degradation of the environment. Population pressure is the primary source of a ray of activities that threaten the well being of the domain. With the growth in populations in many countries, more resources have created adverse effects on the environment. Environmental damages have been attributed to human activities (Hunter, p. 58).

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Assignment 20A: Population and Environmental Damage

When the issue of population pressure is discussed, the question of placing a balance between the demands of nature and human development props up. The world population has grown to approximately seven billion people, and it is projected that people will grow to about ten billion by the year 2050. Population growth puts a lot of pressure on environmental resources, and overpopulation is a global problem. With the increasing international fertility rates, it is tough to eliminate pollution and ecological degradation (Chaudhuri, p. 24). Population surge is one of the significant causes of deforestation.

The rising number of poor people living in rural areas encroach forests to meet their needs. It is argued that the rapid growth of population in the tropics of developing countries lies at the center of the problem of deforestation. Deforestation is one of the significant contributors to climate change (Hunter, p. 58).

With the growing population, governments are pressured to strengthen their economies. This is being accompanied by local emission of green gases, changing weather patterns, disruption in the food supply, and general insecurity. It is essential for nations to become more proactive in solving this problem. Most countries, for instance, China, are putting in more effort in controlling the population. Nations should come up with more proactive policies on population control. The policies put education at its center, and people must be educated objectively on the need to control fertility (Chaudhuri, p. 24).

Assignment 21A: Formal Letter

(Customer inserts his/her name),

(Customer inserts his/her address).

November 30, 2011.

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Dr. Gregory Jacko,

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chairmen,

Dear Sir/Madam,

Ref: Effective strategy for preventing the issuance of licenses

It is absolutely right that nuclear energy has provided a more prominent solution to industrial development in the developed world, the United States being the leading user of atomic energy. It is, however, essential to put in mind that nuclear power is the most expensive to manage. Indications of how lethal nuclear energy is have been witnessed in the world. Notable examples are the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in Ukraine in 1986 and the recent nuclear catastrophe early this year in Fukushima Ability to manage nuclear energy has to be emphasized by any firm that deals with or produces nuclear energy failure, of which a looming atomic disaster awaits humanity.

It is with reference from my above observation I am in total support of the Greenpeace suggestion that old nuclear plants have to be shut down. Your commission, which is responsible for regulating the use of atomic energy, must look into the argument of Greenpeace and revise its licensing rules and policies. A brilliant observation has been made by them, and they have come up with supporting ideas that carry a lot of weight. From their research, they have come up with a conclusion which I believe your commission is aware of; that aged plants have serious reactor flaws that cannot be easily rectified by upgrading. The only amicable solution is to have old plants shut, and this can be easily done by way of revoking their licenses.

I know that it is tough for the demands of Greenpeace to be met, however realistic and genuine they are.

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I am aware that the government demand for energy keeps going up. Thus, it may be tough to have the plants shut on its part as this would cut down energy supply, thus affecting the economy negatively. Also, the initial cost of establishing new plants is prohibitive. However, something must be done by the commission, or else a disaster awaits us.

Yours faithfully,

(Customer inserts his/her signature).

(Customer inserts his/her name).

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