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Global Warming as Not a New-Fangled Issue

Awareness and concerns regarding health and environmental safety have been rising in the past years. It has been realized by the people that the environment has been damaged to such an extent that the proper action needs to be taken to save the environment from any further destruction.

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Global warming has not been a new-fangled issue. This alarming situation has made people realize that the environment has been damaged well enough by human society and human society is the only solution provider to this issue. Since the mid-twentieth century, the earth’s temperature is rising near the air-water surface by 0.74 ± 0.18 °C. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has presented a report saying that this temperature rise has been because of the increasing concentration of greenhouse gases (Weart 23). The human activities that have been involved include the deforestation and burning of fossil fuels. The report also adds that during this century the earth’s surface temperature shall be rising further by 1.1 to 6.4 °C.

It has been anticipated that in the future years the sea levels will rise with the rising temperatures increasing the amount of precipitation along with the areas of the deserts with deforestation. Sea ice, glaciers are expected to retreat because of the rising temperatures. The highest temperatures are being anticipated in the Arctic in the next years (Houghton 56). Other events that have been anticipated in this case are the species extinctions, extreme weather, and most importantly the drastic changes in agricultural yields. It has been added in the report that if the greenhouse gas emission and fossil fuel burning is stopped even then the warming will continue as the oceans have a greater heat capacity. In addition to this, it has been noticed that the carbon dioxide in the air has a greater lifetime (Maslin 45).

To make people aware of the dangers and the hazards involved in burning fossil fuels, using the aerosol sprays in higher quantities, using diesel oils in their vehicles, which are leading to an increase in the greenhouse gases in the environment, an awareness campaign had been set up. A team of erudite researchers and professionals was arranged. It was realized that the campaign is an awareness campaign thereby a team of professionals had been arranged including environmental sciences researchers as some of the team members had been working for the environmental agencies.

Research had been with the help of these researchers and professionals, on the issue of global warming with the timeline of years as the period before the 21st century till after the twenty-first century and the future. Thereby the past and present trends and the future implication had been analyzed and researched (Gore 12).

Strategies that had been adopted by the team were because the audience was to be made aware of the hazards and dangers associated with the increasing temperatures of the earth’s surface with an increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases. In this case, some Global Warming posters had been designed and the audience who attended the campaign were to sign these posters thus the posters reflected the number of audiences that had been reached through this campaign. In addition to this, some of the famous music artists had been called thus the campaign leaves a strong effect on social media. Moreover, social platforms as Yahoo music, iTunes, Facebook, and Twitter were contacted to make sure that the web-based audience could also attend the campaign as they were asked to sign the posters online. An idea of the global petition had been given in this case and it was being followed by making use of the web-based social platforms and the online signing of the posters.

In this case, the audience that had been selected included the delegates who have been attending the climate change summit as well as the higher authorities from the environmental agencies. In addition to this, the researchers who were keenly showing interest in global warming and its hazards had been reached and invited to participate in the campaign. These erudite researchers can help add up to the research that has been done for the campaign. The general invitation posters, newspaper ads, and web-based advertisements.

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For the campaign to be successful enough the funds were required and these had been planned to be collected from the fundraising that goes on during the campaigning. In addition to this, monetary assistance was asked from the state-owned environmental agencies and the government departments.

The campaign had been divided into three phases. The initial phase is the initial introduction of the campaign through the internet and advertisements. Further, the campaign will be adding concerts and international government agencies to increase the awareness to a higher level.

Analytical research and explanatory research have been seen to be helpful in many ways to increase the awareness that an audience has about issues as global warming. Campaigning can help to gather the target audience and make them aware of the issues on a deeper level with the correct and accurate data.

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