66 Global Issues Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Global Issues

  1. Global Health Issues
    The study shows that the new skills brought about by science and medicine have failed to attend to the needs of the global population.
  2. Global Issues Influencing Compensation in the US
    Compensation is a systematic approach of providing monetary value and other benefits to employees in exchange for their work and service.
  3. Global Nursing Issues: Challenges, Strategies and Advocating for Health Care
    Every person is entitled to quality health support and care. Unfortunately, many underdeveloped nations find it hard to deliver quality health care to their citizens.
  4. World Hunger and Food Distribution as Global Issue
    World hunger is a serious issue that affects the development of many countries, impairing the overall health of their populations and increasing child mortality.
  5. Global Awareness of Environmental and Moral Issues
    Global awareness entails the aspect of making people, the society, have an understanding of various life issues that is based on knowledge of global perspectives.
  6. Terrorism as Global Issue and Preventive Laws
    Terrorism is one of the actions that should be punished the hardest because it takes innocent life each time, no matter the justification of it.
  7. “Global Issues: Third Edition” by John L. Seitz
    The third edition of the book “Global issues” by Seitz is an introductory analysis of most of the factors that influence the environment, economy, and society.
  8. Globalization and National Security Issues
    International security researchers have taken side of the big debate, with some arguing that globalization has indeed contributed to national and international security.
  9. Global Environmental Issue in the 21st Century
    The environmental issue is perhaps the greatest of the global challenges and will still remain a challenge even in the 21st century.
  10. Global Warming as Not a New-Fangled Issue
    Analytical research and an explanatory research have been seen to be helpful in many ways in order to increase the awareness that an audience has about the issues as global warming.
  11. Global Warming: Issue Analysis
    Global warming is a term commonly used to describe the consequences of man- made pollutants overloading the naturally-occurring greenhouse gases causing an increase of the average global temperature.
  12. Global Warming and Other Ecology Issues
    The results of global warming will always remain a topic of controversy. Most scientists will always agree and disagree on the real effects of global warming on human life.
  13. Education With Regard to Globalization Issues
    Education is very important for representatives of the modern global community as would-be professionals and labor force.
  14. The Global Water Crisis: Issues and Solutions
    The water crisis has now been associated with the reduction in food quantity besides the scarcity of safe drinking water.
  15. Global Health Issues, Tuberculosis
    Tuberculosis is often latent and reveals itself when the immune system is weak. The TB incidence rates in Southeast Asia and Africa remain the highest in the world.
  16. Chinese Companies and Globalization Issues
    People are the driving force of a company; to unleash that force, the patrimonial approach should be changed to more liberal and liberating methods.
  17. Global Pandemic Issues: Prevention of Infection and Transmission of COVID-19
    For the last seven months, the world has been dealing with the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic. The disease is caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2.
  18. Global Human Rights Progress and the Role of National Cultural Value Systems
    This paper aims to investigate arguments in favor and against the claim that there has been progressing in developing global human rights over the last twenty years.
  19. Globalization and Related Environmental Issues
    Globalization supports the flow of raw materials, wastes, and pollutants from one region to another. The wave of industrialization does not care much about environmental issues.
  20. Vaccine Hesitancy as a Global Health Issue
    This work aims to describe the issue of vaccine hesitancy in the context of one of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) offered by the United Nations.
  21. COVID 19 as a Global Health Issue
    Today, the global community remains concerned about the state of healthcare as new diseases arise, and the treatment for the widespread illnesses remains undeveloped.
  22. Global Issues, Advocacy & Caregiving for Patients in India
    This paper will examine the global issue, advocacy, and caregiving for people who have been infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in India.
  23. Aspects of Global Health Issues
    The study claims that the new skills brought by science and medicine have failed to attain the mass of the global population.
  24. Global Health Policy Issue: Africa
    There is global inequality in terms of health service delivery in Africa. The main problems that make health delivery a problem are poverty, illiteracy, and inequality.
  25. Global Health Issues: On the Border Line
    The main purpose of this paper is to discuss how serving as a public health administrator at a border is a challenge for public health workers.
  26. Outbreak Investigation: Global Issues
    Outbreaks may occur frequently but not every case is reported. The investigation is important because it helps to learn more about the cases to put appropriate prevention and control measures.

🎓 Most Interesting Global Issues Research Titles

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  1. Compounded Global Issues: Terrorism, Nuclear Proliferation, and Climate Change
  2. The Global Issues Depicted in “Home”, a Documentary by Yann Arthus-Bertrand
  3. Global Issues, Local Solutions: Rethinking Wealth and Health Through the Lens of Social Enterprise
  4. Global Issues of the Present and Ways to Overcome Them
  5. Understanding Global Issues Is More Important Than Ever
  6. Environment-Related Global Issues: Global and Regional Conventions and the Role of the Third World
  7. Teaching for Sustainable Development Through Ethical Global Issues Pedagogy
  8. Global Crimes Cause Global Issues That Affect the National and International Justice System
  9. Legal and Global Issues Focused on Treating Undocumented Immigrants
  10. Global Issues: What We Can Do to Solve the Biggest Problems in the World
  11. Solving Major Global Issues by Founding a System on Ethical Principles in Simon Blackburn’s Book
  12. Climate Change and Tourism: Responding to Global Issues
  13. The Politics of Marriage and Gender: Global Issues in Local Contexts
  14. Global Issues for Global Citizens: An Introduction to Key Development Challenges
  15. The Overpopulation of the Earth as a Global Issue: Are There Humane Ways to Prevent It?
  16. Critical Global Issues: What Are the World’s Biggest Problems and How Can We Help?
  17. The Secret to Solving Global Issues? Fewer Secrets, More Collaboration
  18. Global Issues and Challenges Beyond Ottawa: The Way Forward
  19. Top Ten Global Economic Issues: An Assessment of Global Risks and Priorities
  20. Science and Technology Cooperation on Global Issues

💡 Simple Global Issues Essay Ideas

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  1. Climate Change and Pollution: Serious Global Issues
  2. The Concept, Content, and Nature of Contemporary Global Issues
  3. Global Issues of Environment and Health
  4. Top 20 Current Global Issues That Need to Be Addressed
  5. How Cigarette Smoking Relates to Global Issues of the Future
  6. The Gay Marriage Debate: Contemporary Global Issues
  7. Lack of Fresh Water Is Becoming a Global Issue of Increasing Importance
  8. Global Issues and Change in Human Resource Management
  9. Poor News Coverage and Public Opinion on Global Issues
  10. Global Issues Surrounding the Millennium Development Goals
  11. Social and Global Issues and Trends in Adult Education
  12. Global Issues Within the First Civilizations
  13. Are Caste Systems a Global or a Local Issue?
  14. S. and India Global Issues Pertaining to Women
  15. How Global Issues Impact Individual States
  16. Global Issues in Finance and Accounting
  17. Environmental Problems Are Becoming a Global Issue
  18. Three Reasons Why You Should Care About Global Issues
  19. Global Issues: Violence and Peace in the Modern Age
  20. Canada’s Efforts to Address Global Issues
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