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Grant Application Video Script

Hello, my name is [], and I am [current education/qualification]. I hope to use the grant offered by National Vision and the National Optometric Association to further research, education, and awareness about diabetic retinopathy. In particular, the problem of undiagnosed or untreated diabetes in the African American community is at the center of my concerns. More than 10% of the US population has diabetes, which remains one of the leading causes of vision loss.

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According to the Office of Minority Health, African American adults are 60% more likely than non-Hispanic white adults to be diagnosed with this condition. At the same time, African Americans’ rate of death from diabetes is twice as high. These numbers show that the African American community faces additional barriers in accessing timely and adequate care. These obstacles are economical, geographical, and educational – African Americans may not have the means to seek a diagnosis or be unaware of the symptoms of diabetes and related retinopathy.

As a Doctor of Optometry, I will engage all my resources and theoretical knowledge to address the lack of knowledge surrounding diabetes and retinopathy in the community. I will raise awareness about the need for routine eye examinations and advocate for expanded access to testing and proper care. Also, I will work with other Doctors of Optometry to improve the training in diabetes diagnosis and patient education, prevention, and treatment. I could benefit from the present grant as well as the participation of local community centers and health organizations.

I have clinical experience with helping a patient to discover a problem with their diabetes management. During an eye exam, I was able to detect changes in the blood vessels in the back of the eye. These findings are usually related to the increased risk of diabetes-related vision loss and signal that diabetes is not controlled. Thus, an eye exam led to the patient getting an immediate primary care physician appointment.

In my practice, I educated patients about the connections between eye health and diabetes. I talked to patients about the risks of retinopathy, the prevalence of diabetes in the African American community, and the vital role of regular exams. I also reached out to residents to find their level of awareness about retinopathy and find their misconceptions about the condition. This information was one of the main drivers behind my interest in seeking this grant – I hope to change the situation for the better.

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