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Pyramid Building: Communication to the Pharaoh

The lead architect communicates to the Pharaoh: In life, prosperity and health! This is a missive to inform you my good lord of his goodly plans for his pyramid. The height of the pyramid, according to the plan, is 480 feet. We expect to finish the construction in 23 years and realize that we have to work extremely fast. According to our estimates, 270 blocks are to be placed every day. As far as the shape of the pyramid is concerned, the degree we have settled on is 45 degrees. The original 52 degrees mentioned in our plan is still far too steep and can lead to a crack in the inner sections of the building. Moreover, using 45 degrees allows for more smooth-looking sides of the pyramid. This shape will also provide a better representation of the deep symbolic meaning of the pyramid and make it resemble sunbeams.

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The construction site is currently being prepared for the initial works. We have already built a small town which is to host around 25,000 workers. Nevertheless, it has not yet been decided peasants and craftsmen from which villages are to contribute to the construction of the magnificent new pyramid. I have already notified the officials in charge, and they will soon inform the above-mentioned number of villagers that they are to join the workforce.

Moreover, medical workers have not arrived yet, which is worrying, as the work on the construction site is full of various risks. We cannot expose thousands of lives to those threats and should provide proper treatment to every injured worker. The official in charge promises that he will address the issue in a timely manner. Moreover, the lack of papyrus can prove to be disastrous, as it is the main tool used for communication needed for the cooperation of all workers. We are already working to solve the problem and are considering purchasing locally produced papyrus instead of waiting for its delivery. Most supply chains are being established fast, and some types of crops are already being stored for all the workers. However, we face a shortage of meat for middle management. The problem is to be solved by my advisor, who communicates with the officials in charge of meat distribution.

The foot messenger from Aswan informed me that the work in local quarries is in full swing. Thus, we expect to receive the first cargo in several months. Nevertheless, there is a lack of boats that can transport huge granite blocks. Therefore, we plan to employ more people to build such boats and repair them after they finish their current work in the fields. What is more, we need to find more people who are ready to work as crew members on each boat. These people are needed to grow and direct the boat when it is needed, as the water in the river does not flow fast enough to ensure timely shipment. Employing these people will decrease the delivery time substantially and enhance overall productivity.

As for the construction site, we are currently working on aligning the sides of the pyramid to north, south, east, and west. We have been observing stars for a long time and are sure that we can achieve an unprecedented level of accuracy. We are building a wall and will mark the places where certain stars rise and set on it. The tip in the middle will accurately point to the North. After completing this step, we will proceed to prepare the ground for the foundation. We plan to accomplish it in a timely manner by digging a square channel and pouring water into it, which will help us flatten the surface by comparing it to the water surface level.

A wide variety of tools will be needed for thousands of workers. Therefore, we are making numerous copper chisels for shaping the limestone blocks. Luckily, the local type of copper ore is not pure, which allows for the creation of tougher tools. Local chisels do not bend and are not fragile; workers will be able to work effectively using such tools. Nevertheless, we need to create a new tool that will allow for the creation of granite blocks with completely flat surfaces on each side. It is instrumental in creating the proper interior design for the most important parts of the pyramid. We have been testing various options and found, arguably, the only proper solution. Since the only metal we can use is copper, we can make plenty of copper saws. The problem is that it is almost impossible to cut solid granite using it. Thus, we plan to use sand, as some of its components are hard enough to cut granite when exposed to pressure. The use of copper saws and sand will accelerate the process.

After the first layers of blocks are constructed, we will have to find a way to deliver the blocks to the upper layers. Most likely, building a spiral ramp is the best solution, as it is fast to build and does not require many materials and tools. Thus, we are doing our utmost to invent new working methods to solve the ever-increasing number of challenges. I am sure that all our efforts will result in a masterpiece.

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