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Growing Communities of Western Australia Project


The Growing Communities WA project is supposed to end in mid-2010. We are going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of either making it a separate legal entity or let it remain as it is.

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Advantages of letting the project remain as it is

Growing Communities in Western Australia Project has been funded through contributions from Learning Centre Link partners. Financial support has come from the federal government through departments such as education and training. Individual contributions through financial donations or offers of services have also been involved. The structural formation of the project has allowed willing stakeholders to advance their contributions without legal restrictions.

This project hasn’t existed on permanent staff because it is community-based. Volunteers have been beneficiaries and the government is seen as a partner rather than the owner: Once it initiated the project, beneficiaries felt to maintain it. They want the benefits already enjoyed to be continued (Learning Centre Link [LCL] Para. 2).

This project has built the strength of the communities (Parliament of Australia [PA] 1-8). Community members have freely enjoyed the exchange of ideas for their own development.

This project demonstrates how resources should be utilized. Having been used to the nature of this project, they may take longer to adjust if the project becomes a separate entity. First, the activities may be halted as the management is altered (LCL Para. 4). Two, the new management may take a long to acquaint with people. Consequently, the achievements may be hampered.

Disadvantages of being just a project

The government may have initiated it but funding is what maintains the project but its future is uncertain. Since the stakeholders are not legally bound to contribute, they may bow out any time thus jeopardizing the project (PA 6).

The project’s true achievements can not be realized in just two years. Communities need to grasp its idea before they implement it. The period in which it is supposed to operate may not benefit the community. It needs to be long-term and this cannot be achieved if it has no legal foundation of its own.

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This project was only meant to last till mid-2010. It has already begun to show benefits to the community (GCWA Para.4). However, these benefits are likely to be cut off if partners choose to pull out at the end of the term. Recognizing this project as an independent legal organization will save this risk because the government will be compelled to fund and maintain it. It will have a structure to depend on to function in the long term. Besides, the rewards given to staff through wages or stipends may serve to instill commitment.

In conclusion, this is a provisional institution meant to be a pilot scheme, it is better for the project to be managed collectively because every stakeholder feels appreciated. It is not viable to turn it into a separate organization.

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