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UN Significance in Politics of Minority Peoples’ Claims

Generally, it is obvious that wherever an organization is formed, it will experience a certain degree of opposition regarding its intended purpose, and the United Nations (UN) formation was of no exception. Politics are mostly the questioners of the UN activities from the time it was formed and mandated with the task to look into societal and economic matters. Many challenges have come from the escalating poverty levels much more in the global southern nations because of different countries’ development levels especially the deficient states in need of international assistant. Many of these countries have been experiencing political instabilities that have led to civil wars and other related disasters. Irrespective of these challenges, the UN has managed to penetrate unstable political states with its universal backup to convince and dialogue with affected countries’ governments to bring equality and sustainability in minority’s claims.

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Different bodies which work under the UN such as, among others UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and the UN Commission on Human Rights (CHR) have entirely been dedicated to the provision of basic needs to the affected nations through other international agencies such as World Food Programme (WFP) and thus minority claims can be addressed appropriately. When such services are offered to these poor countries, their peoples’ have the opportunity to live sustainable lives hence reduce mortality rates. The success of these endeavors is much dictated by the political class of the affected region/State and the organizational implementation structure of the UN system (Williams 87).

With the powers owned by the UN organization authority, it has played a major role in the manipulation of political issues in the world in particular when it comes to social and human morals, a field in which they have accomplished their aim. UN involvement with the government has managed to bring to the attention minority issues to the planning tables at different levels of the UN organization such as its influence on environmental matters. UN can offer guidelines concerning different issues since they are well joined in the international map and thus can obtain support on their intended agendas.

Their policies on different organizations’ platforms that work towards the benefits of the minorities have been well checked to ensure they accomplish their required goals. Follow-ups are made after the commencement of different projects to ensure that the set desired results are achieved. This has however brought prolonged arguments especially with the states that don’t support UN interference in their country matters. But with their well-organized and experienced panels, the UN can provide guidelines on the creation and execution of set goals especially to areas hit by disasters and the most crucial goal of saving lives can be achieved. With their independent mandatory, high-level delegations can be sent to hold dialogues with affected governments which have managed then to reach in to and accomplish their purpose to implementing the international excellence.

The UN Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) can become significant in convincing host country governments to achieve their goals which are set on international map. They can push for reforms on unstable governments to lay down legal policies that will meet the needs of the minorities. This has brought about harmony in the world to ensure sustainable global development irrespective of different developing levels. With time, the UN policies implemented through NGOs influence the minority prospects on different issues, and with time opposing governments will be lobbed to support such initiatives. UN significance has been felt in different ways and at different levels which has to lead to the maturity of international laws based on formal states’ agreements and usual behaviors has much in harmonizing international duties by preparing multilateral formal agreements concerning customary laws (Finkelstein 47).

UN sole influence is not applicable in creating legal guidelines but with its significant influence, it has managed to lobby for support from opposing odds to ensure that sustainable policies are put in place to attain the ultimate goal of sustainable global development with minor yet important states being recognized.

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