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Gulf War One between Iraq and Kuwait

The war commence on the sixteenth of January in 1991 and came to an official closure on the twenty-eighth of February in 1991.this was after forty-two days of total combat between the coalition force and the Iraq army. The war took place in total support of Kuwait by the coalition government since Iraq was seen as a threat to the other nations surrounding it therefore by attacking it paved a way for Iraq to no longer exercise its power over the other surrounding nations (Brecher 676).

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The first emerging cause of the gulf war in 1991 was that Iraq had considered Kuwait as being part of its own territory a claim that had impacted generative hostility between the two nations When the Iraq economy declined in 1989 they shifted the blame to Kuwait. Iraq had many debts owing to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and this almost made its economy bankrupt.

Due to the shared antagonism between the three countries, Iraq was funded. The blame was that Kuwait had defied the OPEC quotas by actually raising the all-time oil prices up to 40 percent, therefore, resulting in the decline in the economy of Iraq. This was described by the Iraqi government as economic warfare in that Kuwait engaged in the drilling of oil into Rumaila which was in fact in the two countries’ border without sharing the revenue.

This aspect of the border was also a tension factor since time immemorial. The blame also focused on the fact that Kuwait had ignored the OPEC quotas by the overproduction of the product which in turn resulted in the suppression of the min export of their economy. The overall intimidation for the Iraq government was that Kuwait had harnessed oil from its own grounds without seriously taking into consideration that the oil being in mind was from Iraq further mire increasing its production.on its hand, the laid accusations by the Iraq government was never acknowledged by Kuwait since the claims for compensation on the economic loses experienced by Iraq were never considered as a resulting solution.

There was also a claim of possession where the government of Iraq under Sadam Hussein claimed to be the original occupants of the territory in Kuwait so that the got land could be used in the creation of infrastructure possibility from its side.

This resulted in the then-president Saddam Hussein declaring total war on Kuwait since the outside world had not paid keen interest in the happening of the two nations. there was the demand of Iraq by the united states and the united nation to withdraw their troop from Kuwait which in turn resulted in the deployment of coalition forces.

The reasons why the coalition forces had to attack Iraq was that the other neighboring countries had no faith in Iraq as they had a fear that once the attack in Kuwait had occurred, the next target was to be them unless stoppage had to be enacted on the Iraq forces (Atkinson 575). The media campaigns in which Kuwait had a winning battle on it clearly portrayed Iraq as evil insisting that these were dictators who had come to destroy its peaceful and weak neighbors. This now was seen as a war that was based between good and evil. In general, a total of thirty-eight countries took part in this war. They carried out an operation on desert storms and shields.

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The United States government acted quickly when Iraq had attacked Kuwait. her were displacement of ships into the Persian gulf.this was as a result of intelligent sources revealing that after the attack on Kuwait by Iraq ongoing campaign would be shifted to neighboring Saudi Arabia (Allen, Thomas 240).

This was seen as one of the most unseen battles in that the media had live coverage on the happening of the war. The Iraq armies bombard oil reserves in Kuwait and they used military bombs termed as scads to intimidate the efforts of the coalition forces that had come together. This war was one of the most uneven battles ever fought. It then emerged that over sixty thousand Iraq troops had been killed in the war.

The deployment of well-sophisticated war equipment by the forces against Iraq facilitated its great defeat this also was a zone in the testing of the new war technologies. The war lasted for forty-two days with the coalition force bombarding at least every military foundation that was considered that of Iraq’s army. The well-organized coalition took five weeks owing to some decline in the existence of the Iraq army. The deployment of bombs sought to destroy the available Iraq infrastructure such that a clear way could be distinguished between the civilians and the allied army.

During the war, the then president of Iraq Saddam Hussein structured the initiation of Scud missiles at Saudi Arabia and Israel so that a split would emerge between Israel and the other Arab coalition that was against Iraq’s invasion. The impact was a total failure since his forces loosed seriously. In conclusion, the overall blame was shifted to Iraq for carrying out the invasion, Kuwait for showing no signs of concern of the alleged oil stealing, Britain for favoring the territorial allocation to Kuwait, and the united states for not clearly giving out a way for to Iraq’s government. (Allen, Thomas 240).

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