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Hardware Components and Operating Systems

Hardware is the physical component that is necessary for the system to function. These are all electronic circuits of a desktop PC or laptop, including the motherboard, graphics card, central processing unit, webcam, power supply, keyboard, etc. All of these components can be compared with family members. The motherboard is the family’s mother, which controls all members of the computer. The central processor represents the brain of the head of the family. This is the main working component of a computer that performs arithmetic and logical operations specified by the program, controls the computing process, and coordinates the work of all computer devices. Random Access Memory (RAM) is a family member’s short-term memory for specific tasks deleted when the computer is turned off.

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Harddrive or Solid State Drive (HD/SSD) can be an album with family photos, crafts, and a family diary. It depends on which user saves the data to the disk. The graphics card and monitor can be attributed to one of the family members involved in artistic activities. He draws the family on the screen and conveys the impression to other people. The printer embodies these pictures in a physical sense by printing on paper. Keyboard and mouse The so-called family interface, through which each family member sends requests to another. As in human relationships, a well-formulated request has more guarantees for a successful outcome. The performance of a computer system will be most notably affected by the motherboard. It is the central element that makes the computer work. It houses the CPU and acts as a hub to connect all other computer hardware. The motherboard acts as a brain, supplying power to the right places, interacting with all other components, and coordinating their work.

Modern operating systems include Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, and Linux. Microsoft is the most applicable operating system, as most computers run on it. Many corporations prefer this operating system for the work of employees. Thus, in a scenario for a large software organization, Microsoft presents the best choice. This is since the computers of this system can be interconnected. They have a more convenient formation of hard drives and storage of information.

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