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Health Promotion and Students’ Well-Being Critique

The health issue and the intervention

The article centers on the mental health of adolescents in schools. Mental health issues affect a teenager’s potential to live a full and productive life and lead to stigma, isolation, and discrimination. To execute a viable and feasible well-being advancement program in the auxiliary school, it is essential to perceive four unique periods of work: pre-usage, tying down and readiness, conveyance, and maintainability. The cycle at all stages should be a synergistic one, including guardians, educators, headteachers, school executives, and different stakeholders. The study has two aims:

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  1. To interpret school understudies’ view of well-being and prosperity;
  2. To depict the school network’s view of well-being advancement in schools.

The methodology used in the study

For subjective and qualitative examination, center gatherings were directed utilizing the standards of sound hypothesis. These gatherings were intended to distinguish understudies, families, and instructors’ views of well-being and prosperity, just as their secondary school determinants. The example is comprised of 139 individuals chosen from five topical schools. Each school had three center gatherings with understudies, their families, and instructors. The objective of the quantitative segment of the examination was to choose perceptions about the prosperity and flourishing of close-by discretionary school understudies. The intended interest group of the examination was comprised of 1,365 students who went to two auxiliary schools. They were partitioned into six academic years and matured somewhere in the range of 12 and 18. To guarantee representativeness, a defined framework test of 632 disciples out of a sum of 1,365 utilizing schools as layers for a long time was taken.

Assessment of the organization and focus of the study materials

The organization that holds the experiment is named the University of Girona and is located in Spain. The focus of the study material is on five schools in Catalonia. It assures that all research-related data will be stored in a secure environment for ten years on secure servers at the principal investigator’s facility with regular backup procedures. The outcomes will be introduced at public and worldwide meetings and distributed in peer-reviewed global scholarly journals. As a result, the organization is trustworthy due to its conformation to the main principle of confidentiality. The Internet approach guarantees that the mediation can be proceeded at moderate ease, offering help to a large populace given that the intercession is successful.

The argument presented in the study and supporting evidence

The argument presented seems understandable because it clearly states the problem and its presumable solution. Therefore, it can be distinguished that students encounter many mental issues, and there are special programs that may help manage them. In fact, the argument is logical because it depicts the dependent and independent variables. Moreover, each point is precisely explained, the numbers are accurate, and the entire organizational structure is coherent.

The audience for the article

A presumable audience is a group of scientists who study mental health issues and ways of preventing them. Moreover, teachers and students may be considered the audience as they are continually struggling to overcome psychological problems. The language of the article is easy for specialists comprehension; however, it is difficult for a broad audience due to the usage of particular terms. The information provided is appropriate as it does not contradict the ethical principle.

The study results

The outcomes uncovered, for the most part, a positive impression of well-being among youngsters. The revealed appearance of well-being was lower among understudies in the later long periods of additional instruction. Discoveries propose that well-being advancement activities do not generally convert into sound practices among youngsters. The absence of assets and school packing is key logical components affecting the advancement of health. A multidimensional idea of well-being was distinguished in the four center gatherings’ perspectives, which included physical, psychosocial, and enthusiastic components. The two educators’ and family members’ groups featured the significance of harmony between these three components and well-being to sound propensities.

The applications, recommendations, or implications

The investigation’s consequences exhibit the significance of exact arrangements identified with well-being advancement in schools, at the school level, and at the civil level, where this work is desperately required. A fine strategy structure ought to accentuate the need to include understudies, schools, families, and a more extensive network in the turn of events and well-being arrangements pointed toward improving youngsters’ well-being and prosperity. It ought to empower cooperation in it as per the school-wide methodology.

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The relevance of the article

The article is considered relevant to public health as the majority of the planet’s population faces mental issues. In particular, schools are the places where students may encounter them all the time. Moreover, students are the most exposed group of the population as they often fear something or have a problem of choice. In general, mental issues are the main field of investigation for modern scholars.

Information missing from the study

It is necessary to state that no information is missing; everything is adequately structured without providing extra details. No extra point should be added to the research. No shortcomings were identified as the article answers all the posed questions avoiding unnecessary information. In addition, the information from the article provides professionals with relevant data for developing and implementing health and well-being actions to include as part of a holistic curriculum.


Soler-Masó, P., Serdà, B.-C., & Planas-Lladó, A. (2020). Health promotion and students’ well-being in secondary schools in Catalonia. Health Education Journal, 79(5), 583–593. Web.

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