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Healthcare Bill and Its Impact on the Community


One of the recent and the most successful achievements by the current President of the United States, Barack Obama, is his improvements of the health care system. Mr. President promised to take a number of actions to provide the Americans with appropriate health care, and he kept his promise. The Health Care reform was enacted by the American Congress and signed by the President on March 23, 2010. It is interesting to admit that a number of political figures were not ready to support this idea and opposed its legalization. Still, the bill was approved, and now, it is regarded as one of the most successful steps to improve the lives of all Americans and to prove that the government is able to take care of American citizens and define health care as one the most important sphere of life.

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Purposes of the Bill

For a long period of time, nurses were aware of how terrible the health care system was in the USA and how urgent financial assistance for patients could be (Abood, 2007). This is why when the decision to create an appropriate Bill was made, it was necessary to define clearly its purposes. Current purposes of the Bill under analysis are (1) to make health care available for all Americans with or without insurance, (2) to decrease the costs of healthcare services, and (3) to provide people with confidence that their families will be protected by the government.

Main points of the health care reform

Among the variety of improvements offered in the reform, it is necessary to define the following fact: “there shall be available from the Federal Hospital Insurance Trust Fund $400,000,000 for payments under this section for fiscal years 2011 and 2012” (Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010). Almost each point in the document provides the American with hope that services will be offered properly and free, still, the above-mentioned fact shows that the government has a plan, defines the steps to accomplish the plan, and is ready to set dates and prove their intentions.

For and against the existed Bill

Obama’s health care reform provides the idea of competition in the market place within a short period of time, this is why it was not a surprise that the representatives of the Congress were divided into groups which were for and against the reform (Sack & Pear, 2010). Republican representatives tried to do everything possible to repeal the reform as it limits the power of government over people and leads to bankrupt. Still, Democrats promote the ideas offered in the reform because people should be protected and provided with care. It is not always possible to gain necessary understand and support when health problems disturb people, this is why it seems to be more effective and more human to put health on the first place. Nurses observe considerable changes in their communities as they realize how insurance may influence the quality of services. It is not always pleasant to refuse patients who are in need but who cannot pay for services. The heal care reform takes care of all patients, and nurses are able to provide appropriate care without regarding the social status of a patient.


In general, the effects of the provided health care reform seem to be positive from numerous perspectives. Technological progress, international relations, and professionalism may be used to help Americans improve their health. Of course, it is necessary to control health care services and make sure that budget and costs do not worsen. And the offered reform proves that American government is still able to control the situation and consider human rights and interests at the same time

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