Healthcare Delivery Models and Nurse’s Role in Public Health

The US health care system is leading in the world in terms of the resources concentrated in it. This sector consists of hospitals, health care facilities, private and public organizations, insurance plans, medical staff, and volunteers. Healthcare systems face challenges in delivering high-quality, accessible, and ethical care around the world. Nursing plays an essential role in ensuring the well-coordinated work of the system and the delivery of medical care. The purpose of this essay is to discuss healthcare delivery models and evaluate the nurse’s role in public health programs. This paper represents key elements of the research process (Outcome 2), retrieves, appraises, and synthesizes data (Outcome 5), integrates multiple perspectives into the analysis (Outcome 6), and collaborates in the management of evidence (Outcome 7).

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Healthcare Delivery Models

In the United States, comprehensive care is provided to older people with various diseases via a one-stop-shop where patients can get the help of numerous specialists. Another model of healthcare delivery is access to urgent care around the clock, which reduces the number of additional income to the emergency department. A particular model is a childcare, which involves improving the quality of services by increasing the number of specialists, the opportunity to consult with a pediatrician at any time, call the hotline for advice (Bartlett, Dash, Markus, McKenna, & Streicher, 2017). Many delivery models of medical staff behavior include rigorous process management. It applies to nursing standards, operations, use of technology, monitoring, and psychological care of patients.

The Nurse’s Role in Public Health Programs

Undoubtedly, nurses occupy a leading position in the qualitative provision of medical services to patients in the implementation of health care programs. They take responsibility for direct assistance to patients and their families, the organization of work, and the provision of psychological support (Smolowitz et al., 2015, p. 131). Nurses provide preventive services, help identify problems; their activities are aimed at improving the health and condition of patients. Essential factors in the professionalism of nurses are training, continuing education, and the appropriate level of staffing of medical institutions. Several public health programs have a notably positive effect on communities. The ASM program centered around the reduction in biodiversity and the One Health program address different aspects of public health (American Society for Microbiology, 2019). However, each promotes innovation, collaboration, and sustainability as the key to resolving current public health concerns.

Review of my Past Academic Work

During my RN-BSN program at WCU, we studied many public health programs and discussed various topics related to health care, management, nursing, ethical decisions, and moral choices. Thus, NURS 561 Health Promotion & Disease Prevention covered different concepts and studies of prevention of diseases and health promotion. Such works as Windshield Survey, Ethical Health Promotion Paper, and Global Health Risk paper improved knowledge in these areas, allowed to discuss current problems and solutions. The essentials were met by performing an in-depth, evidence-based analysis of the key factors that affect public health and cause the development of health issues. The knowledge was incorporated into nursing practice by acknowledging the importance of EBP and communication with the community as a part of a public health nurse’s duties. A particularly important course was NURS 350 Research in Nursing, which introduced health and nursing studies, and also taught how to practice and understand data from the researches (Abstract Development & Research Critique, Research Proposal, Critique of a Research Article). Moreover, the NURS 492 Nursing Capstone course made a great contribution to my nursing knowledge by focusing on student achievements and future practice.


Undoubtedly, the passed course made a valuable contribution to the development of my knowledge and skills in nursing and showed prospects for further growth. The past academic work was rather successful, and it testifies to the effectiveness of the program. My practice has demonstrated that healthcare delivery models simplify work, improve the quality of service, but it is not always possible to strictly follow prescriptions, especially when there are some ethical issues. In any case, this proficiency and knowledge will benefit and improve the level of professionalism in the future.


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Smolowitz, J., Speakman, E., Wojnar, D., Whelan, E. M., Ulrich, S., Hayes, C., & Wood, L. (2015). Role of the registered nurse in primary health care: Meeting health care needs in the 21st century. Nursing Outlook, 63(2), 130-136.

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Bartlett, R., Dash, P., Markus, M., McKenna, S., & Streicher, S. (2017). New models of healthcare. Web.

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