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Healthy Food for Learning Achievements in School

Every educational institution has a canteen that provides complete meals. In theory, everything is organized, and students should not feel any discomfort because they spend most of the day away from home, but things are quite different in practice. Statistically, about 60 percent of people suffer from stomach problems, which are a direct result of improper nutrition. Banning unhealthy items on menus is a controversial question which remained unresolved for a long time. Many people have argued that the sale of junk food is very profitable because especially children are very fond of eating snacks, which brings considerable profit. Others were against it because of the long-term well-being consequences. After complex debates, a federal law that fundamentally changed the menu toward healthy foods was passed. It is the proper decision as school is the best place to create lasting lifestyle changes. It should teach good habits, demonstrate behavior patterns, and create a healthy atmosphere, especially in the canteen.

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According to the data from the survey, many American children eat half of their daily meals at school. For many kids, food at school is the only way they can eat on a strict schedule. However, one out of three children in the U.S. is overweight or obese. Over the past 30 years, the rate of obesity has doubled in children and quadrupled in adults. In 2012, the Healthy, Not Hungry Kids Act was passed, which provided healthy meals in schools, specifically less sugar, more fruits and vegetables, low-fat foods, and normally sized portions (Schwartz and Wootan 67). In addition to the fact that it has influenced the rate of obesity among children, another positive point was noticed – an improvement in the performance of schoolchildren. It is notable to mention that since 2012, when the United States implemented improved school nutrition standards, children-especially those in low-income families-have been eating more healthy meals with a larger overall nutritional value.

Children cannot absorb the information properly or concentrate in class if there is a nutritional deficiency. A kid whose diet is not balanced can suffer from poor memory and reduced critical thinking skills (Schwartz and Wootan 69). At the same time, eating healthy foods leads to better academic performance and improves memory and concentration. This fact is confirmed by recent research, which has identified a list of ‘thinking foods’ that affect remembering and learning. While providing healthy foods in schools will help improve academic performance, the habit of eating nutritious and wholesome meals should also be developed in every home (Schwartz and Wootan 71). According to investigations, students who go to schools with healthy eating programs are more disciplined, develop better, and think more clearly, objectively, and rationally. One example is a school in Wisconsin where children eat fruits, vegetables, grains, and other healthy foods five times a day. The establishment has also eliminated products that are artificially colored or flavored. It is a proven fact that their student results are much higher than at other institutions in the region.

Consequently, legislation aimed at replacing familiar foods on school menus with healthy alternatives has positive consequences. A healthy diet is not only the basis for good habits but also the reason for better learning achievements. Children who eat a balanced diet think, remember, and analyze better than their peers who prefer junk foods. At the same time, youth obesity rates are decreasing, which improves the well-being of the nation.

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