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Healthy Way of Life’ Popularization: Falls Prevention

Preventive Strategies

The preventive strategies were directed on the decrease in the number of falls in the elderly. The issue has been examined from two main dimensions, namely aging people who live at home (lonely dwellers) and elderly who live in nursing homes. The intervention plan provided some insights regarding falls in the elderly and the ways it can be prevented:

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  1. Assessment of homes in order to identify hazardous objects that contain potential threats for falls. This step is essential to make sure that the homes of elderly people are safe;
  2. Balance training, dancing, Thai Chi;
  3. Sedative and antidepressant drugs should be omitted;
  4. The motivation to prevent the risk of falls plays a central role in the successful implementation of the intervention plan.

Intended Outcomes

The intended outcomes are as follows. After the implementation of the proposed strategies, the following conclusions would be drawn. First and foremost, it is worth highlighting that the elderly should be interested in the idea to reduce the risk of falls as they realize the importance of this issue to their health. Strengthening of muscles is one of the fundamental ideas that were essential for the successful plan implementation.

The intervention plan discussed all the integral aspects that are associated with falls prevention programs. The intervention plan successfully outlined major reasons for falls and had chosen appropriate strategies that were directed to mitigation of the situation that is related to falls in the elderly. Attention to the hazardous environment and evaluation of objects that contain potential risks contributed to the reduction of the fall rates (Duffy, 2013).

The study proved that there is a link between the identified aspects and falls. Thus, the implementation of the intervention plan can dramatically influence the rates of falls. Balance training, dancing, and Thai Chi are believed to have a positive impact not only on falls in the elderly but also on the mood and elimination of depression (Mendelson, 2014). The elderly should keep their muscles in tone as it influences not only physical but also mental health (Windsor, 2015). The omission of sedative and antidepressant drugs is essential from the medical point of view. The omission of these medications will influence the results of the intervention plan in a positive way.

The Role of Popularization of Healthy Way of Life

The potential outcome of the intervention plan is directed on the popularization of a healthy way of life. A lot of elderly people are asocial because they do not feel energetic, or they have lost motivation to live. Nonetheless, people tend to draw attention to a safe environment.

In case, the elderly will go to Tai Chi training they will not only protect themselves from injuries but also can find new friends. It should be noted that for people in elderly meeting new people play a crucial role in their mood and physical health. The motivation to participate in the intervention plan is a central element in the success of the project. In order to make the environment safer, creative techniques can be implemented, for example, Feng Shui.


The success of the intervention plan is highly dependent on the desire of people in the elderly to participate in such activities. As a matter of fact, in case, they would like to take part in it, the outcomes will be beneficial because the number of falls in the elderly is expected to be reduced.

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