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Health Information and Its Affecting Factors


Many factors and issues influence health information. People look at health care differently, but it is essential to pay more attention on access and use of health information. People suffering from chronic illness should be given first priority to access health information. Heath information is crucial as it educates people on health settings and the benefits of having health insurance.

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Cultural beliefs can influence health information in various ways. Cultures determine whether a person will seek medical attention after suffering from illness or injuries. It is difficult to have health providers of the same culture or language to a community (Green& Bowie, 2010). This prevents the dissemination of health information to different people. Cultural beliefs affect handling and storage of health information. Asian and Indian cultures believe that use of modern equipment and technology is a violation of their traditional beliefs. They believe that technology conflicts with the source of illness and problems of health. Individuals who believe in these cultures are not interested in health information that is provided by medical professionals, as they prefer to seek medical attention from traditional healers.


Location is also a key influence of heath information as it interferes with accessibility of health information to patients and doctors. Individuals who live in urban areas are able to access health information easily as opposed to people who reside in rural places. This is because people living in rural areas have many financial problems and they have scarce recourses (Green& Bowie, 2010). It is because of this that rural people are unable to receive quality health information; thus, they are unable to have access to quality health care. Many rural areas have limited hospital facilities and few medical specialists. Medical professionals in rural areas are not able to collect information extensively; thus, they do not have enough data to conduct research.


Funds are a leading influence of collection of health information. Poor people are unable to receive high standard health care because of inadequate facilities for processing health information. Hospitals with limited funds are unable to receive current health information since they do not have ample funds to research (Green& Bowie, 2010). Only people covered with health insurance receive quality health information since they can get this information easily.

Health informatics and health information

Heath informatics and health information are similar in many ways, but the difference between the two disciplines should be outlined properly (Green& Bowie, 2010). Health information is a discipline that designs, structures and uses scientific technology in upgrading medical information. Conversely, health information is a discipline that is mainly concerned with the collection, storage and dissemination of medical knowledge in connection to health care. Heath informatics uses IT for the purposes of getting new knowledge and management of this knowledge. This discipline is well known for designing patient’s data management system in connection to health.

Health information entails collecting and storage of patient’s information as well as keeping medical records. It also deals with an individual’s heath care management and information resources. Health informatics is involved with collecting information of all patients as it uses IT in development of designs that handle patient’s information. Even though, these two disciplines are different in many ways, they both deal with patient’s information and use technology in handling this information.


Green, M. & Bowie, M. (2010). Essentials of Health Information Management: Principles and Practices. New York: Cengage Learning.

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