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Henry Clay’s American System, Economy and Market

Henry Clay’s American system

The American system of Henry Clay could be described in various ways. The best characterization one could provide is that this was anticipated as a set of tariffs and other barriers regulations, based somewhat on the establishment of a national financial institution controlled equally by private companies and the federal administration. Furthermore, government incentives for infrastructure improvements as well as the implementation of public works projects must be available. Clay’s scheme imposed higher taxes on commodities imported out from the south to help people from the north. This method was designed only to impose taxes on all imported products and to begin the construction of new roads and other infrastructural facilities.

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Building the Americans Economy based on the Clays Economic Vision

The American system would indeed be beneficial to the financial market development. It was to be performed using the America platform’s pre-determined blueprints. The strategy called for additional linkages between the United States and other countries. It was to be accomplished by establishing transportation ties between the nation and other countries. This link would aid in the opening of the United States market to foreign goods. Moreover, the import tariffs will help to enhance the economic growth of the country (Lechthaler & Mileva, 2020). The enterprises were to be improved to achieve greater economic and social prosperity. Heavy investments, such as the building roads, harbors, and waterways, were to be made, according to Clay’s idea and concept, and this would result in a well-functioning transportation system. This would make it easier to transport commodities to factories and goods from companies to markets.

All of these enterprises would contribute to the growth of the Economic system. Clay was also of the belief that projects like roads and canals, which would also link the regions and be funded by tariffs and property sales volume, would be beneficial. The Transcontinental Railroad made it possible for the US to become ever more linked to changes occurring. Waterways were built to convey commodities from various regions of the country.

The Role of Communication and Mechanization in the System of America according to Clay’s Vision

Mechanization in the American system brought with it a variety of consequences. The revolutionization of agriculture was one of the recognized effects. It has changed as a result of the numerous machines that have been developed. The machines established would do much of the tasks assigned in a short period compared to the humans. This resulted in the establishment of huge farms, and north industrialists used equipment in a variety of sectors. The farmers, in particular, made tremendous profits when they seized additional areas from the Amerindians to sow additional wheat and silk.

Transportation progressed as a result of the use of mechanical means. It is important to remember that road networks and methods of travel changed dramatically over the 19th century. This has a significant impact on sustainable national mobility. Better and fresh conveyance technique was invented, making it faster and more efficient to convey commodities. National highways were built first, then the canals, and eventually the train upheaval. Mechanization was aided by communications and automation while various industries arose in different locations in the United States. During the 1800s, the United States saw significant advancements in the digital statement (Ashmi & Kumar, 2018). Throughout this communication explosion, first was the advent of a press, which was followed by the telegraph system.

According to the researchers, effective communication technology aided the growth of commerce, finance, and governance by enabling news to be sent at virtually unheard speeds. Because of the switch from handmade to steam-powered publishing, mass manufacturing of low-cost publications became conceivable (Ashmi & Kumar, 2018). Penny publications, which primarily targeted the working populace, immediately became popular, according to the book. The low-cost sensationalistic news outlets featured crime, disaster, adventures, and rumors, and then these journals were quick to switch sides on political matters.


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Lechthaler, W., & Mileva, M. (2020). The dynamic and distributional aspects of import tariffs. International Economic Review, 62(1), 199-241. Web.

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