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Hialeah Gardens in Dade-County Community Needs


Hialeah Gardens in Dade-County, Florida, will be the focus of the study. The community can be described as rather peaceful and quiet. According to the recent data on the identified community, it is represented largely by Hispanics (57.3%), whereas the White and the Black members of the population constitute 11.4% and 3.7% correspondingly. Although senior citizens are not the largest group of the community, they still make a significant part thereof, making from 1.32 (82 years and older) to 3.55% (62-64 years old) (U.S. Census Bureau, 2015). Thus, it is essential to make sure that the specified members of the population should receive the necessary care. Hence, the purpose of the paper is to locate the threats that the target audience faces and suggest the tools for improving the quality of these people’s lives.

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Vulnerable Population Overview

People aged 55-80 are considered in the paper as the vulnerable population. Although the health rates are comparatively even among all members of the identified community, elderly people are generally prone to developing a variety of complications and disorders due to the possible exposure to unhealthy behavior patterns, including an improper diet, smoking, etc. (Wolff, 2013). Therefore, it is crucial to locate the factors that affect the identified population to the greatest degree and determine the strategies that will help prevent the development of diseases and disorders, as well as treat them successfully.

Strengths, Risk Factors, and Barriers

Determining the strengths of the target population, one must admit that the elderly are physically active in the target community. Senior citizens engage in exercises, including walks, on a regular basis. Therefore, the target members of the population can be considered rather safe as far as the health issues are concerned.

Community Resources

The community can be deemed as rather rich in resources, with most houses maintained in quite a good condition. Seeing that most of the houses have been built comparatively recently, no urban renewal occurs at present. In other words, the urbanization rates are comparatively low in the identified community.

Community Health Problem Diagnosis

Despite the generally positive characteristics of the target area, the population under analysis is still facing a significant threat at present since the factory located in close proximity to the area contaminates the environment. The increased air and water pollution rates serve as the trigger for a variety of health issues, including the development of a skin condition, nausea kidney or liver damage, asthma, etc. In light of the fact that the immune system of elderly is much more delicate than the one of a younger population (), it is essential that the target community should be provided with detailed guidelines about the mean of avoiding the health threats and preventing the disorders from development. Therefore, the lack of awareness combined with the potential hazard of the factory waste can be deemed as the primary reasons for concern.


The Hialeah Gardens community in Dade-County, Florida, can be considered quite healthy. The target population (i.e., elderly people) does not face any significant threats outside of the possible pollution emitted by the factory located in the vicinity. Thus, health awareness rates must be increased among the target members of the population, and detailed instructions about avoiding the contraction of diseases that pollution cam cause must be provided to the elderly citizens of Hialeah Gardens.

Reference List

U.S. Census Bureau. (2015). Age and sex in Hialeah Gardens, Florida (City). Web.

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Wolff, F. C. (2013). Well-being of elderly people living in nursing homes: The benefits of making friends. KYKLOS, 66(1), 153–171.

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