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Importance of Nursing in Women’s Health


It is worthy of noting that nurses should aim to make the practice environment more welcoming and safe. It implies the inclusion of sensitive population groups. It is important to educate both patients and the residents to be health literate and to promote safe practices for better patient outcomes.

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In the current case, various system factors are operating. In terms of the biophysical factor, the age of the patient (45-years-old), the genetic inheritance (mother died of cancer), and the poor psychologic status are the main aspects to be considered. The psychological factor includes the internal condition of the individual (suffers from depression). The socio-cultural factor implies the particular cultural norms and societal perceptions that have imposed the feeling of shame on the patient and the fact that she is not liable for receiving particular care due to her sexuality (Nies & McEwen, 2014).

Moreover, the physical environment aspect reveals a complex setting in which the woman lives; she is a single parent and has to provide for her four children. It is not known whether the behavioral factor is adequate since more detailed information about the woman’s nutrition, recreation, and physical activities should be obtained. The patient is sexually active, but no information on the protective measures was provided. Overall, the health system factor is not adequate enough since the woman has no insurance, the information available to her in terms of health services is not accurate and sufficient.


To be able to provide more sensitive and effective care for the lesbian, bisexual, or transgender patients, it is essential to raise their health literacy in the first place. Patients should be informed that it is necessary to make regular visits to health care specialists. Various leaflets or brochures that contain information about the available services and health centers should be provided to patients so that they know where they can receive help (Nies & McEwen, 2014). Moreover, depending on the patient’s preferences, he or she should be referred to the relevant specialist, for instance, when a woman is reluctant to be examined by a male doctor. In addition, it is crucial to discuss with the patient all the health-related issues and concerns in an open and shameless-free environment ensuring confidentiality and integrity.

Health Concerns

The major health-related concerns of the current patient are the possibility of having cancer, the absence of insurance that would cover the costs for services, and the unawareness of the essential checks that she either could or should undergo. Due to the fact that the woman’s mother died of cancer (as well as her husband), she has an intensified fear of being diseased. In addition, the patient has a feeling of shame, and she is unsure whether she needs to get a pap smear, which is an essential test that all female patients have to take regularly (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2014). It should be stressed that the nurse has a leading role in addressing the health concerns of the woman.

It is essential to raise the patient’s awareness of the services she can use and the centers in which she could receive help considering that she does not have insurance coverage. Moreover, the woman should be instructed on the preventive and protective measures to avoid infectious and sexually transmitted diseases (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2014). The nurse should provide psychological support to release the possible tension and stress related to the need to make visits to healthcare institutions. However, most importantly, the woman should be instructed on the healthy lifestyle and advised on the preventive measures to avoid cancer. It is essential to provide information about the importance of taking tests on cancer biomarkers.


Patients that represent sensitive population groups require particular attention from nurses. It is important to address their health-related concerns and provide timely information to avoid the emergence of illnesses and other health problems. Nurses are central to raising health literacy and encouraging an adequate attitude to the broad spectrum of sexuality and other aspects related to it.

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