History: American Dream Versus Reality

The American dream signifies the pursuit of happiness with a good job, lovely family, affluence, and accomplishment in life. The dream encircles the freedom of having a chance to thrive in life. Therefore, people have the likelihood of realizing their objectives by any means regardless of their background. The existence of an equal opportunity for everyone enhances the realization of the vision. For instance, the majority of people in the United States have become successful attributable to their educational success or business endeavors.

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Nevertheless, critics affirm that the American dream cannot be realized. The realization of the American dream is not a simple thing as it demands exceptional hard work, willpower, and zeal. People from nations around the world desire living in the United States, which results in countless immigrants getting into the country each year. Other people encounter displeasure when they fail to get visas to relocate to the US for permanent residence or educational endeavors. All this occurs because everyone seeks to be a partaker of the American dream, but conversely, makes it even more difficult to realize.

Critics believe that the American dream is impossible to achieve attributable to the existing opportunities and means of improving on a profession. People need a setting where they can prosper and freely intermingle to realize the American dream, which may only be achieved with the enhancement of the freedom of speech and human rights. The achievement of the American dream is hard amidst the present struggles and existing racism. The realization of a contented life necessitates uphill battle and sheer luck. For instance, getting a well-paying job calls for proper education, which is costly besides demanding human relation proficiencies that make up a segment of the dream.

On the other hand, the supporters of the American dream feel that it entails happiness, which occurs attributable to achievements when a person accomplishes set objectives; mainly gaining wealth and fame. This is simple to come by if only people cultivate a culture of hard work and determination. One does not necessarily require education from prestigious institutions to acquire billions of dollars or success in business. With fortitude and perseverance, many Americans from humble backgrounds have become affluent thus realizing their dreams in unexpected ways. Therefore, the American dream can be realized through varied approaches and not only proper education.

The ever-improving rights and autonomy will support the realization of the American dream. For instance, learning institutions are increasingly becoming free to everyone, which ensures that Americans enjoy equal opportunity since education systems are not discriminatory.

Moreover, making laws that safeguard people and allow them to realize their potential contributes to the achievement of the American dream. In contrast, most people are convinced that the American dream cannot be attained and feel that the happiness and richness of a few people do not amount to its achievement. Critics maintain that at any one time, many Americans will be languishing in poverty, racism, inequity, and oppression.

Though some people believe that the American dream will not be achieved, others feel that not just the United States citizens but also immigrants will realize it. Everyone will fulfill the American dream if only they uphold an unrelenting dedication to their goals of having a good life. Hard work, determination, and passion act as catalysts in the realization of the American dream.

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