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HIV-AIDS, Nutrition and Cancer in Society

Areas of Health Related Research and Reasons for Study

We intend to look into three areas of study on health matters. The areas of study to be listed are too general, hence there is a need to specifically identify the areas and conduct research on them. Three areas to look into are; HIV/AIDS in the community, nutrition and cancer in the society.

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The reason as to why I have interest on the above named areas is that they are all involved with the development of the community. In addition, to some point they are all related and intertwined with nutrition. HIV/AIDS has increased the mortality rate in most of the countries especially in developing countries (Manuel, 1996, p. 28). It is important that patients suffering from HIV/AIDs needs to have a perfect schedule for their nutrition. Since the immune system in such cases is compromised, it is important that they watch their diet to boost their immunity (Russell, 1988, p. 1524). In addition, nutrition is also a contributor to the increased rates of mortality.

Nutrition does contribute to community health; presently, there are cases of increased rates of obesity (Ingestad, 1982, p. 443). Most of the parents have neglected children feeding programs hence most of the children are not well fed. In addition, there are families that cannot afford to make a decent meal for their families (Ingestad, 1982, p. 443). The research should seek to establish how families are concerned about ensuring that they have the right diet.

Cancer is another area that is partly related to nutrition, there is a concern that some of the foods consumed by the community contribute to the high prevalence of cancer (Futreal et al., 2006, p. 318). In addition, some nutritionists assert that some food or nutritious herbs can be used as therapy to treat cancerous conditions. In addition, it is important to elucidate how cancer is related to the present cases of pollution and poor sanitation. On the same note it should be interested in determining if there are higher cases of cancer in areas that are thought to be less polluted and comparing them to those that are polluted (Futreal et al., 2006, p. 318). The connection between pollution and cancer will be a very interesting thing to comprehend and look into.

One Case That Will Be Considered In the SLP Papers with Three Reasons for Interest

For the SLP papers I intend to look into HIV/AIDs in the society. Some of the things that I wish to look into are the strategies that the community have put in place to stop the spread of HIV/AIDs (Herek & Capitanio, 1999, p. 1132). It is also important to elucidate the connection of HIV/AIDs spread to the economic standards of the community; this will be achieved by comparing cases observed in individuals in high classes of social ladder to those at low economic classes (Herek & Capitanio, 1999, p. 1132). The lifestyle of infected individuals is also an interesting area to look at and determine how it may have contributed to the elevated rate of HIV/AIDS cases in the society.

Nutrition is a very important aspect that should be looked into by researchers. It is important that a researcher identifies if the patients are keen to observe their nutrition (Herek & Capitanio, 1999, p. 1132). Such a study will be conducted by considering the contributions their families make to ensure that their patients observe appropriate nutrition (Herek & Capitanio, 1999, p. 1132).

Health Related Question

When conducting the research, it should be concerned to answer how HIV/AIDS epidemiology is connected to the economic development and the financial status of the community. The question will make the hypothesis of study and it will make it more specific on the topic of study.

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Specific Hypothesis of the Research

The hypothesis of the research should read; economic development contributes to high prevalence of HIV/AIDs in the community.

In conclusion, HIV/AIDs, cancer and nutrition are the most critical areas to look into when it comes to community health.


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