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Homeland Security Website: Communication Process

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Communication is an extremely important element in our day to day life. It entails the transmission or dissemination of a message from a sender to a receiver in a convenient and understandable manner. It helps in decision making and taking of appropriate actions in regard to a given aspect. To achieve effective communication, there has to be an appropriate communication process. A communication process can be termed as a guide that assists in the realization of effective communication where the receiver is able to deliver the intended message and the sender is able to understand it. This piece of work will critically look at the Homeland Security website where different aspects of communication will be evaluated through answering of the following questions.

Identify the Web site, the sender, and perceived receiver

As mentioned earlier, I choose the Homeland Security website for this assignment. The communication process is made up of different elements, each playing a given role aimed towards the achievement of effective communication where the intended message reaches the potential recipient. Generally, a communication process is composed of distinct components. All these components are equally important and some faults in either of them would render the communication process ineffective. The Homeland Security website goes by this address; http://www.homelandsecurity.com/.

It is a website that is relatively rich in information, an aspect that can be depicted right from the “About Us” section and the general organization of all the other information concerning the Homeland Security department. The sender in this case is the Homeland Security department in conjunction with the Terrorism Research Center. The perceived receiver entails security maintenance bodies within the United States of America and other parts of the world. The main target is however the Homeland Security community. Any other individual who could be interested in information about Homeland Security department can also access the website (Homeland Security, 2010).

Analyze the integrated business communication

Communication has been considered to be an extremely essential element that brings about high levels of productivity in any organization. For this reason, there has been a tendency of organizations of all kinds and sizes around the world moving towards integrated business communication. In simple terms, integrated business communication entails effective assimilation of the various elements of communication into the business processes and activities.

Integrated business communications aim at enhancing an organization’s productivity, motivating the employees by making operations easy for instance through facilitating the decision making, contributing to more streamlined operations and more so, placing an organization at a competitive advantage. All these aspects are made possible through technological advancements and capabilities that are open and flexible such as high speed networks and other personal communication devices.

Integrated business communications is associated with a variety of benefits such as enhancing connectivity, communication and collaboration with the help of various devices, media and methods of communication. The main goal of homeland security website is to promote homeland security awareness as well as enhancing communication among all stakeholders. The website has proved to be very effective as a communication medium. It has connected the sender to the recipients. It facilitates feedback where people could raise their concerns making it even more efficient (IBM Global Services, 2007).

Assess the media richness of the section

Media richness is an aspect that is crucial when it comes to evaluation of a means of communication. It entails the amount of adequate information that is made available to the potential recipients in an appropriate manner. An appropriate media allows for effective communication where the intended message is passed effectively.

In order to be successful, an organization ought to select a form of communication that is capable of reducing uncertainty but instead, bringing out the intended message clearly (Stuart, Sarow, & Stuart, 2007).

Looking at the “About Us’’ section of the homeland security website, I consider it to be relatively rich. First, a lot of information in regard to the website has been made available including when it was established and the purpose for which it was made. For instance, to avoid any uncertainty about the nature of the website, this site clearly states that the website is privately operated and it has no connection with any government agency.

From this section, we find that various news articles are usually offered through the website. The articles are deemed to be of interest to not only the homeland security community but also to citizens. Feedback, a crucial element in the communication process is also present in the website and it is clearly stated in the “About Us’’ section. This helps in bringing together the sender and the receiver of the message as any form of doubt is easily cleared. There are also other relevant information provided, for instance, news and company services (Homeland Security, 2010).

Describe how the message is framed

The manner in which a particular message is framed and disseminated plays a great role in determining the effectiveness of the communication process. In regard to the homeland security website, the message is clearly framed making it possible for any lay man to capture the intended meaning and make appropriate decision based on the information gathered.

Identify opinion leaders

Opinion leaders are considered to be a significant constituent of the communication process due to the influence they do have. They include business leaders, religious leaders, politicians, as well as other individuals who are considered experts or influential on an aspect. In regard to this website and it constituents, the opinion leaders involve the homeland security community. Other influential individuals include security professionals, first responders and academics as they contribute to what is featured in the website (Homeland Security, 2010).

Make recommendations for improving word choice

It is evident that effective communication is an extremely crucial element in individual life as well as in the contemporary business world. All the components of a communication process should therefore be put into consideration to ensure that there are no obstacles that could in one way or the other reduce communication effectiveness or lead to communication breakdown. Word choice is an aspect that should be put in consideration. A user should consider the impact each word is expected to make on the receiver. This is because it makes significant difference and could easily alter the intended meaning which in turn will render the communication process ineffective. Words usually have a powerful impact on people and are deemed to affect business activities (Stuart, Sarow, & Stuart, 2007).

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