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“Horrible Bosses” Film in Project Management Aspect

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A project is a short term undertaking from start to finish making use of resources aimed at meeting certain goals and achieving valuable change. Project management involves planning, classifying, leading, and collecting resources aimed at achieving a precise goal. The main characteristic of project management is the presents of constraints that derail achieving set objectives. The project managers and project team must optimize available resources to achieve precise objectives despite the challenges. The movie Horrible Bosses can be discussed from a project management point of view because of the characteristics of the movie that relates to project management. The protagonists had the main goal but were faced with numerous challenges in achieving the objective.

The Horrible Bosses portrayed from a project management view has all the requirements of successful project management. The members of the project team being Dale, Kurt, and Nick, all falling victim to horrible bosses. They conceive a precise plan of killing their bosses, who are Jennifer Aniston acting as Julia, a sex craving dentist, Colin Farrell as Bobby Spencer, and Kevin Spacey as Hacken, a corporate oppressor respectively. Another member of the project team is Jamie Foxx Jones, who unconvincingly advises the three friends on the best plan to kill their bosses. The project is precisely defined as that of killing their respective bosses as is required of a successful project.

The project moves to the planning stage where Dave, Nick, and Dale plan to kill their bosses and are advised by Jones. They cannot quit their respective jobs because of the economic downturn. They look for a hitman, finally finding an advisor in MJ Jones and paying the required amount. They decide on Strangers on a Train plan where Nick agrees to kill Bobby, Dave agrees to kill Hacken while Kurt decides on killing Julia.

Various mistakes made in the planning stage, the morals of Julia and Dave, coupled with Spacey and Bobby’s motivations lead to a turnaround, and the police get involved. The completion of the project does not happen when Hacken assuming that Bobby is his wife’s lover, shoots him twice at the short distance. However, Nick is seen fleeing the crime scene and have to report to the police for questioning. They have to work on getting testimony from Hacken to clear their names, which leads them to his place. In the end, Hacken is taped by the car tracking company and played in front of the police. The three are cleared of previous charges; Hacken is imprisoned between for more than 25 years.

The desired results at the end of the project are achieved despite the short fallings. Nick is saved from his boss, Hacken who is imprisoned, Julia’s actions are exposed on camera, and she has to refrain from abusing Dave and Kurt gets free as Bobby is dead. The three reviewed the result of the project as is required in project management.

In conclusion, the movie depicts Project management steps of stating precisely the objective, planning, completing and reviewing the results of the project. Dale, Kurt and Nick plan the precisely state the plot, plan it and complete the project despite facing numerous challenges. They also review the results of the project at the end of the movie.

The main challenges include lack of enough time for planning, lack of experience as they were ordinary men in the hope to be successful, lack of finances and questionable morals which affected judgment. They also lacked a trustworthy advisor on the plan and the motivations and morals of their bosses also came out as a challenge to achieving the desired goal.