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Hotel Management: Performance Improvement Plan


The variety and scopes of current marketplaces make it complicated for the companies to remain relevant to the market for a long time. It especially concerns the service sector, i.e., hotels and restaurants. The number of representatives on the market increases every day, so many companies fail to compete with newcomers. For these reasons, marketers defined the notion of a performance improvement plan, which deals with ways of reconsidering an establishment’s major goals and values (Yusuf, et al). Such plans help companies examine the current trends in the sphere and, thus, adjust their businesses according to customer’s needs. In the course of this paper, the current trends in the sphere of hotel management will be discussed in order to establish areas of improvement for the region.

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Customer Feedback Evaluation

Speaking of the provided feedback on the subject of general impressions from the hotel stay, the messages were quite understandable and included some minor complaints. Hotel management consists of many factors, the most significant of which are the quality of service, the cost-efficiency, and the quality of facilities proper. According to all the feedback, there were no issues with service at the hostel, which is quite beneficial for the establishment.

Once the clients are satisfied with the service, they can omit some insignificant drawbacks concerning facility maintenance. The vast majority of minor complaints were connected with the quality of the hotel’s condition, but the general impression was not spoilt. As the studies show, most researches concerning hotel management are focused on empirical data on the customer-hotel relationship, constant feedback is important in terms of getting to know the customer better (González-Ramírez, et al). Hence, the overall positive impression leaves the hotel administration area for improvement in order to make it even more satisfying in the future.

Current Trends and Areas for Improvement

The marketplace of hotel businesses is now one of the most rapidly developing in terms of the world economy. For this reason, there are many trends concerning the issue that can be modified according to the customers’ average needs and overall profile. Hence, the major positive trends for today’s hotel management are embracing environmental sustainability, demand for culturally immersive experiences, and creating a personalized booking experience (Colaco).

First of all, the topic of environmental awareness is now one of the most widespread marketing trends, meaning that people are more likely to visit hotels that care about sustainability and support local brands. Secondly, customers who come to certain destinations are now interested not only in the all-inclusive vacation but in the history and culture of a given area. Finally, many customers nowadays are willing to be provided with hotel options tailored specifically for their needs and preferences.

Considering the information provided above, the major area for improvement in terms of hotel management is renovating the hotel’s premises to enhance the customers’ experience. In order to fulfill this requirement, a hotel has to receive profit sufficient for materials and procurement. Hence, the plan consists of two major parts: the first part will concern the service policy while the renovation is in process, while the second part will deal with strategies to secure financial support.

The first part of dealing with service enhancement is focused on providing the customers with such a quality treatment that minor dysfunctions with the premises will remain unnoticed. While evaluating customer feedback at the beginning of the paper, it was mentioned that people remain satisfied with their experience as long as they are properly treated. However, once the hotel staff fails to provide appropriate service, customers focus on all the negative aspects of their experience. Thus, while management is concerned with finding resources for renovation, the staff’s major goal is to make customers forget about minor miscomprehension.

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The second part is concentrated primarily on hotel management and financial aspects of improvement. In order to secure enough money, the overall hotel’s revenue should be higher than usual. Hence, the hotel needs to make a marketing investment first to make a profit later. The marketing investment, in its turn, should include both advertisements and reasonable prices for a vacation by introducing various campaigns. Such attractiveness will provide the hotel with visitors flow, and consequently, it will provide enough profit to renovate the establishment. The renovation, however, does not imply simple repair and substitution of obsolete and non-working items.

Renewal is about creating a new, profitable hotel concept that will lead to higher visitor rates. The rebranding should take into consideration all the aforementioned trends, such as sustainability focus and cultural immersion. In such a way, the hotel will be able to remain relevant to the market, along with its competitors that have the benefit of being authentic and non-mainstream.


Over recent years, hotel management has become one of the most competitive markets in the world arena. In order to maintain the customers’ interest, the representatives of the sphere should constantly check on the latest trends in hotel management and marketing. In doing so, a certain business is able to analyze its current position on the market, identify its areas for improvement, and develop a full-scale plan to remain profitable.


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