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How to Lose Your Weight


The problem of obesity and excessive weight is one of the most actual now. Unfortunately, there are so many different products that cause much more harm than good. It is extremely important for every person to have only healthy products in his ration, as well as to organize the diet that is suitable for his body type and health condition. The healthy ration along with enough physical activity would guarantee the optimal weight level, which in its turn is an indicator of the good health.

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The body cells are being built thanks to the microelements and vitamins that we supply to the organism through food. In this respect, the quality of our food has a direct influence on our body structure. It was scientifically proved that the body cells go through a rejuvenation process every three months. As it was stated, there are not many people who realize that some of their parts of the body are just a few days old (“Believe it or not, your lungs are six weeks old – and your taste buds just ten days! So how old is the rest of your body?” par. 1). Once in a while, the body completely removes the old cells and replaces them with the new ones. That is why it is important to follow the regime and discipline in the first place. Not in vain, many people say that we are what we eat. It was scientifically proved that “not only do our genes regulate how the food we eat is broken down, but how our food is broken down regulates our genes” (“Gene study confirms ‘we are what we eat’” par. 1). We are the suppliers that decide from which material our temple will be built.

The second significant factor that is in a straight correlation with excessive weight is physical activity. If a person is a lack of physical activity and lives the inactive life, it almost necessarily would lead to obesity, especially if the individual’s passiveness is combined with a wrong diet. The constant inflow of cholesterol significantly decreases the quality of bloodstream, what in its turn mostly causes different heart diseases. On the contrary, the physical activity increases the quality of the bloodstream, because it forces the blood to flow smoothly in the veins, arteries, and capillaries. The physical activity also abundantly saturates the blood with oxygen and creates the background for a good health condition.


There are diet plans that were created exactly for the weight loss. But the purpose of this paper is not about reflecting any of those nutrition rations. It is about summarizing the main points, and gathering them into one structural element. Therefore, the main steps to lose excessive weight include such aspects as the balanced diet, constant physical activity, regime, and the discipline.

The aspect of the balanced diet represents the right approach to nutrition, which means that, in the first place, an individual should remove the products that contain cholesterol and fats. Instead of the heavy products like meat, a person should focus more on the vegetarian ration that mostly consists of vegetables. Such a diet significantly favors the digestion and prevents the stagnation of the food and its rotting inside of the organism. It is important to mention that the body struggles to digest some of the harmful and junk products, and it means that they begin to rot inside of the organism. In its turn, the process of rotting causes the creation of various dangerous toxins and poisons that further intoxicate the body. However, there are many GMO products, which mostly consist of vegetables and fruits, still, it is required to be very careful. Another important aspect concerning diet relates to the nutrition regime. It is necessary to consume food according to the strict program, in the correlation with concrete time frames during the day. It would allow your body to accommodate itself to according hours of food consumption, and make the digestion easier.

The second important step is the constant physical activity. The physical activity is the foundation of a healthy body, and if a human wants his body to be in the good shape and have a balanced weight, he should be involved in different kinds of sports that develop the body and improve the cardiovascular system. The physically active people never suffer from excessive weight, because all of their fats get burned thanks to their training.

The third step that more represents the additional method for the weight regulation is about consuming distilled water and fasting. The distilled water has an amazing ability to remove most of the toxins and poisons out of the organism, as well as to dissolve all of the clots in the blood. According to the Bragg Live Food Products, “Dis­tilled water is pure H 2O — which means it’s a com­pound of 2 parts hydro­gen and 1 part oxy­gen” (“Why I Drink Only Pure, Distilled Water!” par. 1). The regular consumption of distilled water guarantees that your blood would be in the good condition. Another one supportive method of weight regulation is fasting. It helps the body to get rid of the destructive and junk materials through the natural processes of rejuvenation.

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