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Self-Quiz on Eating Habits


A Healthy life involves various combinations of what is stored in the body and how it is managed. For one to lead a healthy life it is important to manage what you eat and the quantity of the food eaten, furthermore, exercises are also important for a healthy life. This paper will discuss deeply the challenges involved in eating too much food and the content of the food in terms of nutrients. This paper will focus also on the diseases that are brought by eating too much cholesterol and fats. The paper will also discuss the quality of food one eats, since the body is defined by what one eats.

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Self-quiz on Eating Habits

During breakfast, I usually take seven pieces of bread with butter or margarine, a cup of milk rich in fats, two bananas and a piece of pizza. During the hours between breakfast and lunch, I usually take a mug of porridge. Most of the time, my lunch consists of mashed potatoes, rice and fatty meat and it is usually a full plate or even at times, I take two plates. Supper consists of a plate of spaghetti, dip fried potatoes and some vegetables, but I do not take much of the vegetables.

Results and Effects

Having studied my eating habits I have discovered that I am taking too many fats in the body which might be disastrous to my body organs especially the heart. Foods that contain the highest percentage of fats are mostly carbohydrates, and they contain 4 kcal/g (~16.7 kJ/g) (Donatelle, 2009). Proteins also have a significant amount of fat but it cannot be compared to that contained in carbohydrates. Fats are essential to the body if taken in small amounts, this is because they insulate body organs hence preventing them from shocks and they also stabilize the body temperatures by absorbing heat. The quiz has also shown that I have not been eating organic foods which are best in adding nutrients to the body. Organic foods act as coenzymes, which are very important in the digestion of proteins in the body.

The quiz has helped me to understand the importance of taking substantial amounts of water. Water helps to flush out toxic acids in the body and it also helps in food digestion. Research has proved that constant drinking of the required amount of water cures diseases such as headache, general paralysis, obesity, sinusitis and hypertension (Donatelle, 2009). I am in total agreement with the results of the quiz since I have been able to understand better that, staying healthy is not the amount one eats but what matters is the quality of food that is eaten.

Importance of understanding Serving Sizes

The quiz has proved its importance since the amount of food I eat mostly has a high percentage of fats and now I will be able to reduce these amounts. It is important to change the diets I have been taking in order to reduce the amounts of calories in my body. High amounts of calories in the body can lead to diseases such as obesity and coronary heart disease (Donatelle, 2009). Foods rich in cholesterol are very detrimental if taken in bigger amounts and it is important to reduce these amounts in order to have a healthy body. Saturated fats consist of triglycerides which contain acid radicals thus making them very harmful to the body if taken in big amounts, examples of foods that contain saturated fats are; dairy products, animal fats and meat.


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