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Human Factor and Actions & Policies in History


To begin with it is necessary to mention, that there are numerous instances in history, when the actions and policies by governments or individuals led to unpredicted or unintended consequences. The current paper is aimed to review such instances in the history of Latin America, reviewing the period from the arrival of the Europeans to colonize the territories of South and Central America, and until the countries achieved their independence from the colonial authority of Spain and Portugal.

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Hernan Cortez, and the Colonization of Aztec Empire

This history is fully associated with personal activity of a single individual and the further consequences, that could be predicted, however they appeared to be unexpected in the context of the colonization issues. The fact is that, arriving to the territory of contemporary Mexico, where the Aztec Empire was located, Cortez, and everyone in the team knew, that anyone does not have the right to found the colonies except King of Spain Ferdinand, and the governor of Cuba from the name of Ferdinand. The aim of the expedition was to set up the trade relations with local population and find out, whether there was gold. King of the Aztecs – Montezuma also did not want to struggle, especially after his people saw the riffles and cannons in action. However, Cortez founded his own colony, proclaimed himself as the governor, and appointed all his people at all the positions possible. Everyone, who was against this self-proclamation were executed or punished. The ships were destroyed, so anyone could get back to Cuba. Here the adventures started. Montezuma and his people first treated the colonizers as gods (it is said, that Cortez’s helmet was like the helmet of some divine being), and then , when the action by Cortez and his people became aggressive, the real war started. Originally, it was reasoned by the thirst for gold.

Simon Bolivar, and the Liberation of Spanish Colonies

The human factor in the following example is overwhelming. Simon Bolivar decided, that the whole his life will be devoted to the liberation of colonies, as he could not bear the very fact of slavery, social disparity and so on. It is unknown, whether the slaves were liberated, if the human factor of Simon Bolivar was not so powerful. Bolivar concurred with the president of Haiti – Petion to offer assistance to the rebels. After the slavery was eliminated in 1816, Bolivar gave lends to all the soldiers, who participated in the liberation of Colombia. Thus, Bolivar gained the extended social support, and created the basis for the further liberation of South America.

After the successful actions in Colombia, his faithful troops liberated New Granada, and then moved to Venezuela. The fact is that he was just the talented leader, however, his personal decisions influenced the whole history of Latin America, and he may be regarded as one of the most outstanding personalities in the history of Latin America.


The fact is that, the entire history is based on the human factor, and fortune. Originally, this may be stated about any event, and some historians argue, that the historical process is the sequence of patterns. On the other hand, it is meaningless to state, that history is not consistent, or free from personal influence. It is the junction of human factor, consistency and fortune.


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