Human Nature Philosophy in the “Rashomon” Thriller

If you are not selfish you cannot survive

In the world today, people have changed unlike in the past during the days of our ancestors. According to the stories we hear, in the past people lived together in harmony and as one big family. In those days everyone was concerned about his or her neighbor and those who were privileged to have more than they could consume would share with those who did not have. Sharing and caring was a moral characteristic in the past and any deviation from this moral path was a crime punishable in the most stringent measures possible.

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Today, the tables have turned and the opposite has taken precedence. In today’s world, the policy is every man for himself and God for us all. Unashamedly, both men and women have turned into the most selfish living things there has ever been since the existence of the world. People have deliberately lost the intrinsic human nature to care for one another and the situation is even getting worse as the day goes by. In schools, in the workplaces, in the government, everybody is simply working hard to get enough for himself and his own family

All men are selfish and dishonest

As noted above, all men are selfish and the entire world has turned into a self-seeking community. Men are always lying about one thing or the other to achieve a certain goal. In relationships, are always very dishonest and they keep lying to their wives and children. In the workplace, dishonest employees are always trying to reap where they have not sown. Dishonest men are the owners of the major factors of production who get their financial acumen through fraudulent deals and dishonest business proposals.

This is seen clearly with the global financial scandals all over the world and the allegations of corruption among world leaders. Politicians who are mainly males are the most notorious liars on the face of the earth. The characteristic lying habit in men has been fueled by their selfish purists to gain power and wealth. A man will do anything just to be wealthy and influential. Every time a man needs a favor, their probability to lie is very high.

You cannot afford not to be suspicious of people these days

The above-mentioned characteristics of people are a clear indication that nobody can be trusted. The world has turned into an awful place where people have become very untrustworthy. Whenever you trust people, chances are that you will in the end get hurt and regret ever trusting them. With the kind of selfishness and dishonesty that both men and women are displaying, it would be foolish not to be suspicious of people in the current world. The point to remember is that nobody cares about you so no one will waste their energy trying to please you. People have become very dishonest in all aspects of life.

Even institutions of high moral grounds like churches have also been perpetrators of this vice. The situation is getting out of hand especially with the current trends where people are living in gated communities secluding themselves from the rest of us. This gap has fueled the rising selfishness among human beings

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