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Human Resource Management: Skills and Requirements

Being an efficient human resource manager is not an easy task, given the fact that a true HR specialist must not only make choices regarding candidates employment and responsibilities distribution, but also concerning the strategies for employees’ skills training, as well as possible strategies of shaping organizational behavior (York 308). The given course has provided me with an opportunity to gain insight into the specifics of the work of a human resource manager.

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Thus, to construct an assessment of the skills acquired throughout the given course, I will incorporate such concepts from the course into the given test as employees’ safety, human resource development, and employee and labor relations.

First and foremost, such an aspect of human resource management as employee and labor relations must be mentioned. It is crucial that the cooperation between different departments, as well as varying levels of the company’s hierarchy, should be arranged. As long as the company’s managers are aware of the staff’s performance, as well as the employees’ key concerns, complaints and accomplishments, the performance of the staff can be coordinated by introducing the proper motivation to the employees. Seeing how an HRM specialist facilitates the communication between the staff and the company’s managers, it is reasonable to suggest that the given aspect of an HR specialist is the most important and, therefore must be evaluated rather strictly.

Another important aspect of a human resource management expert’s work, the ability to tackle the compensation and benefits issue should also be checked in a candidate for an HRM position. According to York, by establishing reasonable compensation regulations and “handling employee benefits questions” (York 198), an HR manager can recruit competent staff and invest into their further professional growth, therefore, creating a team of experts, who will contribute to the company’s evolution and bring the impressive firm benefits. Therefore, the ability to navigate in the given area with confidence is a doubtlessly important skill, which will be required for creating a team of valuable professionals.

The last, but not the least, the issue regarding safety at work must be considered as an element of an HRM specialist assessment rubrics. Though the issue of employee safety may seem unrelated to the process of facilitating efficient communication between the staff and the managers, it is still crucial that an HR specialist should ensure employees’ safety, as well as make sure that the latter is provided with decent working conditions. Hence, the final element of the assessment grid will contain the questions regarding an HR specialist’s diligence in checking the efficacy of the existing safety rules, as well as their ability to ensure that the employees should follow the safety guidelines.

The three items listed above are not the only qualities of a good HR specialist. However, they are among the most significant ones and, therefore, are to be sought in a candidate for an HRM position. I suppose that I would pass this test, with a minor problem regarding employee and labor relations, and, thus, deserve an A-. If I had an opportunity to take this course again, I would, probably, pay more attention to coming up with the practical application of the skills acquired in the course of studying, since some of these skills need to be trained more properly.

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