Banner Healthcare Strategic Planning

Strategic planning to enable Banner Healthcare to serve citizens in the next decade

Banner Healthcare is a health care facility in the United States of America. It is located in Phoenix, Arizona and operates over 25 hospitals across the country. It also operates several specialized facilities in the U.S. Banner Healthcare have operations in the states of Alaska, Arizona, Nevada, Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, and California, among others (Banner Healthcare, 2014). It has over 35,000 employees, making it one of the largest employers in Arizona. Among the services that the organization provides include emergency care, hospice, rehab services, hospital care, long term, and home care, laboratory services, outpatient surgery centers, primary care physician clinics, as well as pharmacy services. The primary care physician clinics also include Banner Arizona Medical Clinic, as well as Banner Medical Group.

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Also, Banner Healthcare has a separate program, in addition to normal health care services. It provides medical insurance to its clients. The program is known as Medicare Advantage. Banner Healthcare was founded in the year 1999. The organization has grown significantly in the past few years. It has embraced change and is currently in a transformation process, which is in the innovation phase. Forming a partnership with Houston’s M. D. Anderson has enabled Banner Healthcare to build a multi-million cancer center in a place called Gilbert, Arizona (Banner Healthcare, 2014). The needs of the citizens keep on changing as the world changes. Thus Banner Healthcare has to keep on changing to be in a position to meet the needs in the next ten years. The objective of this paper is to examine the strategic planning of Banner Healthcare that will enable it to serve citizens in the next decade.

Preparedness of Banner Healthcare in offering health care services to citizens in the next decade

All organizations, both business and non-profit organizations, need to keep changing as time goes by (Carnall, 2010). Organizations should be in a position to serve citizens in the present time, as well as in the future. Besides, firms need to be pro-active and come up with strategies on how to offer improved and satisfactory services in the future (Bryson, 2011). Banner Healthcare has been undergoing a change in the recent past and has been positioning itself to serve people in the next ten years. It is embracing technology in its operation. Banner Healthcare is currently in the innovation stage. Thus it is likely to be the most critical stage in its existence as innovation is a lifeline for most organizations because it can increase customer satisfaction (Gailly, 2010). Innovation will, therefore, help Banner Healthcare to offer quality services to its patients in the future.

A strategic plan that addresses issues of network growth

Banner Healthcare has to develop a strategic plan that will help it reach as many people as possible to enhance its network. The health care provider has grown since its inception and plans to continue with its growth in the future so that it will be able to serve citizens in ten years to come. The strategic plan that it has adopted for this course is the establishment of more health centers across the nation. Banner Healthcare needs to establish more hospitals so that it can be in a position to reach more people. The organization is also planning to improve and increase its network through the launch of advertisement campaigns. This will create awareness of its existence and help it get a large base of clients to serve in a decade. Also, Banner Healthcare needs to establish more services to offer within its hospitals. This will help it satisfy a wide range of needs of different customers. It will, in turn, be able to grow its network and become a leader in the health care industry in the next ten years. The hospital should come up with better services through its innovation efforts (Gailly, 2010). Banner Healthcare is set to grow its network in its strategic plan, and its efforts will be successful.

A strategic plan that addresses issues of nurse staffing

As the demand for its services continues to increase, Banner Healthcare will be expected to increase its staff to be in a position to serve the citizens efficiently. The fact that the hospital is on the verge of increasing in size and adding more hospitals across the country has put the pressure to increase its nursing staff in the future. The organization has a plan to increase its staff gradually as it continues to expand in size and scope. The nursing staff hired by Banner Healthcare is highly qualified, and it plans to continue with the same trend of hiring such employees (Banner Healthcare, 2014). This will ensure that the organization will be in a position to handle the demand that is expected to grow in the next ten years. At the same time, it will be able to meet the changing needs of the citizens.

A strategic plan that addresses issues of resource management

Resource management is one of the most significant activities that will help in the growth of Banner Healthcare in the future (Carnall, 2010). The organization needs to be able to distribute its available resources in a manner that will enable equal growth of all its organs. It should be noted that Banner Healthcare is an organization that is rich in resources. However, proper utilization of these resources is essential for its growth. It is recognized that human resources remain to be the most important assets in the growth of any organization. It is for this reason that Banner Healthcare has plans to invest more in human resources. The organization also plans to invest in technology, as this is another resource that will facilitate the provision of quality services in the next decade. Banner Healthcare will be able to offer quality services to its clients in the future using up-to-date technological equipment. The investment in technological resources has started, with the organization being in the innovation stage of its organizational change process.

A strategic plan that addresses issues of patient satisfaction

Patient satisfaction is the ultimate objective of Banner Healthcare in the long run. All its growth and development efforts are directed toward maximizing customer satisfaction. The organization plans to make its services more effective and efficient in the future. It also plans to implement more convenient services. As such, Banner Healthcare will be offering health care services to patients from any location. In fact, as part of this plan, Banner Healthcare already offers online services, where customers can make their inquiries and contact a health care provider at any time. The hospital plans to build more on this and introduce more satisfactory services to the clients in the future. Providing care to outpatients and long term and home-based patients will be a major area of focus. Besides, inpatient services will be enhanced. Banner Healthcare will be able to satisfy its patients in the next decade through innovation (Gailly, 2010).

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