72 Abraham Lincoln Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Abraham Lincoln

  1. The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
    Abraham Lincoln is remembered as the 16th President of the USA and the first president of the country ever to be murdered. The Assassination of Lincoln has become an important historical event.
  2. Lincoln’s, Churchill’s, King Jr.’s Leadership
    This paper examines the leadership characteristics of Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, and Dr Martin Luther King Jr and their differences from those of other leaders.
  3. American Civil War in Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address
    The American Civil War occurred between 1861 and 1865. Without a doubt, it is one of the darkest political upheavals in the history of the United States.
  4. Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War
    Abraham Lincoln was a person who has prevented the collapse of the USA and who has liberated slaves. He is considered as an adherent of the American democracy.
  5. Lincoln’s and Dickinson’s Rhetorical Discourses
    Abraham Lincoln’s “Second inaugural address” and Emily Dickinson’s “Success is counted sweetest” can be regarded as an illustration of close ties between poetics and rhetoric.
  6. “The Day Lincoln Was Shot” the Film by John Gray
    The Film takes you back to the black day in the history at Ford’s Theater in downtown Washington, D.C. in 1865.
  7. Influence of Abraham Lincoln on My Life
    Lincoln was a great leader and there are no two ways about this, his persistence stood out and was an example for everyone to learn from, he was a born leader who inspired many a people
  8. The Contribution of Abraham Lincoln in American History
    This paper will throw light upon the contribution of Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln was among the most influential leaders that the world has ever seen.
  9. Abraham Lincoln’s “House Divided” Speech
    Abraham Lincoln’s famous “A House Divided” speech was delivered to the delegates of the Illinois Republican Party Convention in 1858.
  10. Abraham Lincoln’s Policies on Slavery in 1861-1863
    Abraham Lincoln was one the most powerful presidents of the United States. The essay explains the evolution of Lincoln’s policies on slavery from July 1861 to November 1863.
  11. Abraham Lincoln, His Failures and Success
    Abraham Lincoln experienced numerous mistakes, failures, accomplishments, and defeats. Different achievements of Abraham Lincoln continue to draw admiration today.
  12. Abraham Lincoln in Eric Foner’s The Fiery Trial
    This article is a review of Eric Foner’s book, The Fiery Trial, in which the author describes the life of Abraham Lincoln at the height of racism and slavery in American history.
  13. Romanesque and Gothic Architecture: Lincoln and Durham Cathedrals
    The paper aims to present the historical, technological, and stylistic differences in Romanesque and Gothic architectural movements based on Durham Cathedral and Lincoln Cathedral.
  14. Approach to Lincoln’s and Johnson’s Politics
    Congress’ treatment of Lincoln’s and Johnson’s use of executive power was unfair but expectable. Nevertheless, having a conflict with the Congress, Johnson received much more criticism.
  15. Lincoln’s Death in “O Captain!” Poem by Walt Whitman
    The article presents an overview of the poem “O Captain! My Captain!”, written by Walt Whitman, which symbolizes the feelings of the American nation regarding the death of Lincoln.
  16. Abraham Lincoln and the Second Revolution
    The first chapter of the book Abraham Lincoln and the Second American Revolution by James M. McPherson touches on the subject of the so-called second Revolution
  17. Reconstruction Under Lincoln, Radical Republicans, and Johnson
    Although Johnson intended to continue Lincoln’s efforts, he didn’t use the 10 percent plan. Having no support from the former Confederates, Johnson was thwarted by the Republicans.
  18. Abraham Lincoln: A Historical Leader
    Lincoln’s legacy as a political leader is immense and undeniable. The very fact that the United States continues to exist until this day is a testimony to his competence
  19. Abraham Lincoln: The Best President of the 19th Century
    Lincoln is considered by many people the best president of the 19th century because of what he accomplished and how he achieved it.
  20. American Civil War and Abraham Lincoln’s Presidency
    The American Civil War was a watershed instant in the country’s history. Ten thousand battles were fought across the globe between 1861 and 1865.
  21. Abraham Lincoln’s Approach to Reconstruction
    Regarding the differences between the approaches to reconstruction, it is worth mentioning that Lincoln urged his contemporaries to restore the Union from the onset of the war.
  22. Lincoln’s Plan for Reconstruction
    After the Civil War, President Lincoln devised a plan that concerned the difficulties of the Southern states’ reunification with the US primarily.

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  1. 1858 Political Debates Between Sen. Stephen A. Douglas and Abraham Lincoln
  2. Abraham Lincoln and the Suspension of the Writ of Habeas Corpus
  3. Comparing the Differences Between the Ideas of Abraham Lincoln and James Hammond on the Issue of Slavery
  4. Abraham Lincoln: America’s First Commander in Chief
  5. Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln: Leadership Styles
  6. Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and Winston Churchill’s Iron Curtain
  7. The Weapon That Killed a Hero: The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
  8. How Political Cartoons Helped Abraham Lincoln Win Elections?
  9. Abraham Lincoln: Moral, Just, and Practical and His Views on Slavery
  10. President Abraham Lincoln’s Role in the US Period of Reconstruction
  11. Abraham Lincoln’s Tough-Love Letter to His Step-Brother About Laziness and Work Ethic
  12. Abraham Lincoln: Overcoming Political and Social Obstacles to Preserve the Union and Eliminate Slavery
  13. Abraham Lincoln Assassination: The Shot That Altered a Nation
  14. Historical Misconceptions About Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy
  15. Abraham Lincoln and FDR on War and Social Upheaval
  16. Controversy About Abraham Lincoln’s First Emancipation
  17. The Events That Led to the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
  18. Abraham Lincoln and His Civil War Involvement
  19. How Abraham Lincoln Overcame Social and Political Obstacles in the Elimination of Slavery and Preservation of the Union
  20. The Structure and Literary Elements in the Edifying Speech of Abraham Lincoln
  21. Abraham Lincoln and His Influence on American Culture
  22. President Abraham Lincoln: The Most Famous Speakers in History
  23. Abraham Lincoln: Liberty, Equality, and Power
  24. How Abraham Lincoln Shedded the Constitution to Become the Greatest President the Nation Has Seen?
  25. Abraham Lincoln: The Man That Changed America History

đź’ˇ Simple Abraham Lincoln Essay Ideas

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  1. Abraham Lincoln and His Battle With His Cabinet
  2. Reenactment of the Civil War and What if Abraham Lincoln Had Watched It
  3. Abraham Lincoln and His Impact on the World
  4. Did Abraham Lincoln Cause the Civil War?
  5. Abraham Lincoln: Being Worthy of His Title
  6. Constitutional Change and the Influence of Abraham Lincoln
  7. American Experience: Abraham Lincoln and Unified Purpose
  8. How Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address Was Influenced by the Funeral Oration of Pericles
  9. Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and Its Cultural Importance
  10. John Brown and Abraham Lincoln: The Invisibility of Antiracism
  11. Abraham Lincoln Did Not Free the Slaves
  12. Leadership Skills and Qualities of President Abraham Lincoln
  13. Abraham Lincoln: Organizational Culture and Leadership
  14. Spirits and Abraham Lincoln: Letters to President Lincoln Concerning Spiritualism
  15. Abraham Lincoln and Robert E. Lee. Saving the Union
  16. The Brilliant Life and Tragic Death of Abraham Lincoln
  17. Abraham Lincoln: Emancipation Proclamation vs. Previous Quotes
  18. Was Abraham Lincoln America’s Greatest President?
  19. Abraham Lincoln: The Man Behind the Myth
  20. Abraham Lincoln’s Attitude Towards Slavery and Emancipation
  21. The Ghost Stories Related to Abraham Lincoln and His Interest in the Occult
  22. Abraham Lincoln and Slavery During the Civil War
  23. Abraham Lincoln: Life, Presidency, and Achievements
  24. The Controversy Surrounding John Wilkes Booth and His Shooting of Abraham Lincoln
  25. Abraham Lincoln: His Legacy Lives on After Seventy Score and Ten Years Ago
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