58 Afghanistan War Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Afghanistan War

  1. United States Invasion in Afghanistan: Arguments For and Against
    The paper presents reasons for and against the invasion of Afghanistan by the United States and its allies, as well as consequences of the war.
  2. Iraq and Afghanistan Wars for American Safety
    The US considered that the Iraq and Afghanistan wars were able to ensure the country’s safety and minimalize the possibility of future attacks.
  3. Iraq and Afghanistan Wars: Already Served Soldiers
    After several years into the war, the army has made some attempts to help in managing the increasing number of soldiers who have psychological and physical problems.
  4. Conflicts and Political Goals in Afghanistan, Gaza and Iraq
    The United States has now completed approximately nine years in Afghanistan since the commencement of military engagement there.
  5. The Invasion of US Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan
    The decision to send troops to Iraq and Afghanistan was pushed by George W. Bush on the basis of statements about the presence of weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East.
  6. Operation Anaconda in Afghanistan
    Operation Anaconda was conducted in Shaikot Valley, Afghanistan, in March 2002. It was fought in difficult mountain conditions and ended up with an American victory.
  7. The U.S. Army’s Retreat From Afghanistan
    Since the Afghani population has been stripped of the resources for fighting the aggression of the terrorists, the U.S. leaving Afghanistan appears to be unjustified.
  8. Operation Anaconda and the War in Afghanistan: Collaboration and Coordination
    Operation Anaconda is an important case study for military operations and the importance of coordinated efforts.

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  1. Afghanistan War: Primary Driver of the Invasion Was the September 11 Attacks on the US
  2. Soviet and American Military Operations During the Afghanistan War
  3. Afghanistan War and the Problem of Pakistan
  4. Canadian Attitudes Towards the Afghanistan War
  5. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Canada’s Withdrawing From the Afghanistan War
  6. Afghanistan War: What America Didn’t Understand About Its Longest War
  7. Remembering the Gains of the Afghanistan War
  8. Emerging Myths About the Afghanistan War
  9. How the Afghanistan War Was Lost: Five Easy Steps
  10. American Foreign Policy and Soviet-Afghanistan War
  11. The Afghanistan War and the Breakdown of the Soviet Union
  12. Afghanistan War: Strategy and War Termination
  13. Costs of the Afghanistan War, in Lives and Dollars
  14. American Public Opinion and Perceptions of the Afghanistan War
  15. The Connection Between the Terrorist Attacks and the Afghanistan and Iraq War
  16. Afghanistan War: Key Events, Facts, and Combatants
  17. Teaching the Lessons of the Vietnam War and Applying Them to the Afghanistan War
  18. Corporate and Private Interests Behind the Afghanistan War
  19. How to Make the Afghanistan War a “Just War”
  20. Afghanistan War: How Taliban Tactics Are Evolving
  21. Terrorism and the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars
  22. Neo-Gramsci and the Afghanistan War
  23. The Afghanistan War: Diverse Voices and Viewpoints
  24. Afghanistan War: How Did 9/11 Lead to a 20-Year War?
  25. Scars Left From the Afghanistan War

🎓 Most Interesting Afghanistan War Research Titles

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  1. The Effects and Consequences of the Afghanistan War
  2. Easier to Get Into War Than to Get Out: Afghanistan War
  3. Afghanistan War and Taliban
  4. One Year Since the Conclusion of the Afghanistan War
  5. The US War in Afghanistan: How It Started and How It Ended
  6. Afghanistan War: What Went Wrong in Afghanistan?
  7. The Afghanistan-Soviet War: The U.S. and Its Covert Cold War
  8. What Challenges Does NATO Face in Afghanistan War?
  9. American Strategy in the Soviet-Afghanistan War
  10. Intelligence and the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars
  11. The Soviet-Afghanistan War: Direct and Indirect Intervention
  12. Learning the Right Lessons From the Afghan War
  13. The Afghanistan War and Self-Defense
  14. Afghanistan War and Threats to Human Security
  15. Soviet Foreign Policymaking and the Afghanistan War
  16. The Soviet-Afghanistan War: A Superpower’s Inability to Deny Insurgent Sanctuary
  17. Canada’s War for Prestige in Afghanistan: A Realist Paradox?
  18. The Causes and the Consequences of Strategic Failure in the Afghanistan War
  19. President Biden Delivers Remarks on Ending the Afghanistan War
  20. The Afghanistan War and Its Effects on the Soviet Economy
  21. Afghanistan War: Collective Memory Formation in the United States and Germany
  22. The Cost of War: Afghan War Experiences
  23. How the 20-Year War in Afghanistan Changed the U.S. Military
  24. The Big Unanswered Question of the Afghanistan War
  25. Afghanistan: Lessons From the Last War
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