72 Nazism Essay Topics

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  1. History of Nazi Propaganda Movies
    Some of the movies that the Nazi used to influence the Germans to buy into their philosophies include Triumph des Willens, Jew Suss, and Der Sieg des Glaubens.
  2. Zionism and anti-Semitism in Nazi Germany
    Before and during the Nazi regime in Germany headed by Adolf Hitler, there was a systematic- state sponsored persecution that led to the murder of many Jews.
  3. Nazi Propaganda Movies: The Manner in Which the Nazis Used Films to Spread Propaganda
    Some of the movies that the Nazi used to influence the Germans to buy into their philosophies include Triumph des Willens, Jew Suss, and Der Sieg des Glaubens.
  4. The Era of Nazi Party Ruling: The Third Reich
    The era that exploring in the paper is the Third Reich period. The time when everything in Germany was under a total control, multiple strict and harsh rules and limitations appeared.
  5. Night by Elie Wiesel – the Nazi Concentration Camps
    Night illustrates the life of Elie Wiesel and his father in the Nazi concentration camps during the World War II. In the concentration camps, they underwent through cruel and brutal situations.
  6. Fascism in Nazi Germany and Islamic States
    The paper discusses 3 questions about fascism: Volkswagen as a fascist object, the double nature of Nazi imperial reveries, and connection between ISIS and fascism.
  7. Kristallnacht: Massacre of Jews in Nazi Germany
    Kristallnacht was the murder and persecution of Jews in Germany. Its name represents broken crystals of glass evident from the burning down and demolishing of Jewish property.
  8. Nazi Propaganda Movies and Their Effects on Viewers
    This essay aims at analyzing the settings of the Nazi propaganda movies and the diverse effects generated by the movies to the viewers and world platform.
  9. Nazi Germany in “Swing Kids” by Kang Hyeong-Cheol
    The movie “Swing Kids” shows that swing music was forbidden in Germany because all it was regarded as offensive due to its African-American origin.
  10. Fascism in Italy vs. Nazism in Germany
    The Arditi del Popolo appeared to be the first anti-fascist association in Italy, which emerged from the Roman part of the Italian Arditi.
  11. Nazi Propaganda: Tactics, Characteristics, and Concepts
    This paper discusses what tactics were implemented by Adolf Hitler and Goebbels in order to achieve “cultural cleansing”. It also discusses their views regarding the role of propaganda.
  12. Nazi Imperial Barbarianism and Assault on Humanity
    Germany’s quest to unify and organize Europe, coupled with establishing its rule across the continent, took a tragic turn as Nazis started the Second World War in 1939.
  13. Ideal Citizen Nazi German in a Totalitarian Government
    This essay will discuss how government control and propaganda shaped the image of the ideal citizen in totalitarian Germany.
  14. Nazism: Power, Order, and Justice
    This paper will provide an argument as to how Nazis attempted to uphold the public good from the standpoints of power, order, and justice.
  15. “Origins of Nazi Violence” by Traverso
    “Origins of the Nazi violence” is an attempt by the author to offer an explanation on one of the most horrendous events of the twentieth century i.e. the Holocaust.
  16. Nazi March Permission: The Ethical Dilemma
    The decision to deny the Nazis permission was informed by three key arguments. The Nazis do not deserve the permit to march in a particular neighborhood.
  17. Nazi Germany’s Resources and Demise in World War II
    The efforts of different countries managed to deliver victory after Nazi Germany became unstable and incapable of supporting the ongoing war.
  18. Architecture’s Role in the Nazi Regime and Its Programs
    Nazi architecture was a part of the era’s ideology, aiming to reinforce the atmosphere of military dominance and concurring strength.
  19. The Killing Nurses of the Nazi Germany
    Nazi Germany, represented by the killing nurses, was a telling example of villains who did not neglect to utilize vicious and sinister methods to achieve its global goals.
  20. Women in the Nazi Concentration Camps
    Genocide intends to destroy a particular group of people, to destruct the family unit, and specific Nazi policies attempt to eradicate Jewish victims.
  21. Medical Professionals in Nazi Germany
    Medical professionals collaborated with the Nazi regime and contributed to its ideology and practices in several ways.
  22. The Life of Jews in Nazi Germany
    This paper is an annotated bibliography of the five articles devoted to the topic of the life of Jews in Nazi Germany.

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  1. The Military Defeat and Collapse of Nazism
  2. Communism, Fascism, and Nazism, Three Types of Totalitarian Government Systems
  3. Adolf Hitler Yielded the Destructive Force of Nazism
  4. The Positive and Negative Impact of Nazism on the German Army Between 1918 and 1945
  5. Kurt Von Schleicher and the Rise of Nazism in Germany
  6. How Nazism Changed German Society Between 1933 and 1939
  7. The Extent and Nature of Resistance to Nazism Within Germany Between 1933 and 1945
  8. Benito Mussolini’s Fascism and Adolf Hitler’s Nazism
  9. Fascism, Nazism and World War II
  10. Democracy and Nazism: Germany 1918-1945
  11. Rise of the Nazism and Beginning of Persecution
  12. Were the Economic Failings of Capitalism the Only Reason for Germany’s Turn to Nazism After 1933?
  13. German Social Democracy and the Rise of Nazism
  14. The Differences Between German Nazism, Italian Fascism, and Soviet Communism
  15. How and Why Fascism and Nazism Became the “Right”
  16. The Treaty of Versailles and the Rise of Nazism in Germany, 1918-1933
  17. Two Totalitarian Regimes: Communism and Nazism
  18. Neo-Nazism: The Urgent Alarm Bell to World War Ⅲ
  19. The Major Role Played by Medical Professions of Germany on the Evolution of Nazism Programs
  20. Philosopher and Philosophy: Heidegger and Nazism
  21. The Aftermath of World War I and the Rise of Nazism, 1918–1933
  22. What Led the Germans and Italians Towards Nazism and Fascism
  23. The Social Impact of Nazism in Germany
  24. Nazism and Support for Hitler Surges in the 1930s
  25. The Rise and Fall of Nazism in Germany During Adolf Hitler’s Time

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  1. Comparing Fascism, Communism and Nazism
  2. The War Between Nazism and Bolshevism
  3. Neo-Nazism and Discrimination Against Foreigners: A Direct Test of Taste Discrimination
  4. The Long History of American Nazism
  5. Philosophy in the Shadow of Nazism
  6. The Prejudice and Nazism in Germany
  7. What Ideas Made Nazism Attractive to Millions of Germans?
  8. Fascism, Nazism, and the Holocaust
  9. The National Socialist German Workers’ Party and Nazism
  10. Interaction Between Communism and Nazism
  11. How Fear of Communism Led to the Rise of Hitler, Nazism, and World War Two
  12. The Secret Relationship Between Nazism and Zionism
  13. Origins of Nazism: From Democracy to Race War and Genocide
  14. World War II: The Start of Fascism and Nazism
  15. Einstein’s Response to Nazism
  16. The Roots, Evolution, and Legacy of Nazism in Germany
  17. How Do We Explain the Rise of Nazism?
  18. Nazism and Judeo-Christian Tradition
  19. Ultranationalism: Nazism and Black Sudanese People
  20. Hitler, Versailles, and Their Effects on Nazism
  21. The Parallels Between Nazism and Stalinism
  22. Nazism, Socialism, and the Falsification of History
  23. How Did People React to Nazism?
  24. Nazism and the Nationalization of the Masses
  25. The History and Rise of Nazism
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