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  1. Asthma During Pregnancy, Its Symptoms and Treatment
    This paper analyzes a case of asthma during pregnancy, provides classification of symptoms, and submitted suggestions of treatment.
  2. Asthma Patient’s History and Physical Examination
    The patient addressed the hospital’s staff with complaints of having breathing issues. The patient’s family history does not contain any possible risk factors.
  3. Asthma Attacks, Their Prevention and Control
    The purpose of this paper is to discuss the pathophysiology of asthma, describe genomic issues, present a review of the literature on the topic.
  4. Relationship between Asthma and Smoking
    The relationship between asthma and smoking explains why many adults who develop asthma past their 50th birthdays often have a history of smoking tobacco.
  5. Asthma: Corticosteroids and Side Effects in Children
    Asthma is supposed to be cured by a short-term corticosteroid medicine which has the maximum anti-inflammatory effect and minimum mineralocorticoid activity.
  6. Asthma Control Education: Research Evaluation
    The purpose of this research is to evaluate the effectiveness of the educational program aimed at improving the quality of life of children suffering from asthma.
  7. Asthma Incidence and Smoking among African Immigrants in California
    This paper explores the association between asthma incidence and smoking among African immigrants in California.
  8. Asthma and Smoking Among Adult African Immigrants
    This study explores the association between asthma and smoking status among adult African immigrants in California using a quantitative correlational approach.
  9. Asthma Management in Children and Education
    Asthma is a common condition in children. Except for medication, treatment should involve other methods to manage the disease.
  10. Callista Roy’s Adaptation Model for Asthma Patient
    Callista Roy’s Adaptation Model explains the nature of the adaptation process and builds the premise for creating a comfortable environment for the patient.
  11. Children with Asthma: Risks Created by Smoking Parents
    The available literature indicates that secondhand smoking from parents hurts children with asthma and other respiratory diseases, causing complications.
  12. Asthma Incidence and Smoking among Immigrants in California
    This paper analyzes relationship between smoking behaviors and asthma cases in states or regions that have multiple immigrant population groups, such as New York and California.
  13. The Link Between Asthma and Immigrant Smoking
    The purpose of this study is to determine the association between asthma and smoking status among adult African immigrants in California.
  14. Asthma Diagnostics, Care Plan and Patient Education
    The primary diagnosis of asthma was established based on the results of functional pulmonary tests and the examination of the patient.
  15. Asthma, Its Nature and Testing Tools
    Whenever a patient suffers from regular coughing, has wheezing sounds when breathing, and experiences chest tightness, there is a high probability that one has developed asthma.
  16. Asthma: Description, Diagnosis and Treatment Options
    Asthma itself is typically termed as a noncommunicable chronic disease that affects lungs and triggers an inflammation of airways, thus, causing breathing issues.
  17. Asthma Factors Among African Americans in California
    The purpose of this study was to examine risk factors predicting asthma among adult foreign-born African Americans in California.
  18. Acute and Chronic Bronchial Asthma Comparison
    The paper compares acute and chronic asthma in such aspects as pathogenesis, interactions with the genetic factor of disease development, diagnosis and treatment methods.
  19. Asthma Patients’ Health Education and Promotion
    The purpose of this paper is to discuss the health education, health promotion information, and strategies that should be used when working with asthma patients.
  20. The Asthma Risk Factors Among Adult African Immigrants
    The purpose of this study is to examine the risk factors predicting asthma among adult African immigrants in California. The research design is the quantitative correlation approach.

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  1. Acute vs. Chronic Asthma and Their Complications
    This paper compares and contrasts acute asthma and chronic asthma, together with highlighting their pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment.
  2. Asthma’s Stepwise Management
    Asthma affects many people in the US, so the nurse needs aware of all aspects that can help patients. This work analyzes ways of treating asthma and examines stepwise management.
  3. Asthma Education and Prevention Program
    Asthma is a chronic lung disease that expresses itself in airway narrowing and obstruction, leading to breathing issues.
  4. Asthma Care Education in African American Children
    In African American children, will proper education on asthma management compared to no education help reduce the disruption of daily lives over a one-year period?
  5. Asthma and Stepwise Management
    Asthma is a chronic condition which, despite active research in this field, cannot be prevented. There is a need for approaches that allow managing and controlling this disease.
  6. The Relationship Between Asthma and Smoking
    This study explores the relationship between asthma and smoking among adult African Immigrants in California that are a relatively understudied group.
  7. Heart Failure, Asthma, and Wheezing Treatment
    The patient is diagnosed with asthma, and she receives the required treatment. However, the symptoms remain because she takes other medicines.
  8. Corticosteroids in Asthma Treatment: Literature Review
    Asthma denotes a chronic inflammatory infection of the airways whose commonest approach to treatment is the use of inhaled corticosteroids.
  9. Teaching Sessions for African American Children With Asthma Issue
    The problem is that African-American children are likely to have this disease twice more compared to other races. These children are at risk regardless of social status and family income.
  10. Asthma Management in Children: Research Critique
    The article by Pinto et al. contributes to the study of asthma management in children but is not free of downsides either. Its strength lies in a sample of sufficient size.
  11. Pediatric Asthma Readmission: Nursing Study
    Despite the intentions to improve the quality of life and create the best control and treatment approaches, asthma remains a significant problem in the United States.
  12. Asthma in Children: Evidence-Based Practice
    This paper discusses asthma and its aspects to provide a background for the project on the role of nurses’ education in the reduction of asthma exacerbations in children.
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