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The Therapeutic Remedies Among Asthma Patients

Healthcare management is a multifaceted phenomenon that profoundly impacts the quality of living among individuals. In this case, it is crucial to determine the key factors that attribute to the disparity in the effectiveness of the treatments. Although there is a significant decrease in the rate of the asthma cases’ prevalence, there is an issue due to a profound contrast between men and women victims. According to the Center for Disease and Prevention (2021), at least 7% of the total American population is asthmatic. Further, teenagers, women, None Hispanics and 100 percent of people living below poverty line feature the highest ratings at 10.8, 8.9, 12.6, and 11.8 respectively. It is crucial to assess the marginal difference through the victimization profile among the Americans. The implementation of dynamic medication and therapeutic approaches fosters a significant decrease in the paltry effect across America’s demography.

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Asthma mainly affects the respiratory organs of an individual based on the inflammation of the airway, increasing the mucus that block the passage of oxygen and carbon dioxide. It is a condition that is manageable through different aspects such as the reduction of allergic triggers within a victim’s environment. According to Chang (2021), the utilization of evidence-based care profoundly improves the quality of living among asthmatic patients. One of the approaches that reduce the allergic reactions is the observation of a person’s immunotherapy. Chang (2021) argues that boosting the immunity of an individual reduces the risk of the attacks without relying on the quick-relief remedies and long-term balm. Although the prevalence in the cases features distinction across the demographic profile, the incorporation of the strategy elevates the concept of effective regimen.

Health information exchange (HIE) is an online platform that fosters prominent flow of information regarding patients and the emerging trends about diseases. As a digital concept, HIE offers medical practitioners’ easy access to facts about the population, and the treatment effectiveness (Dobrow et al., 2019). According to Holmgren et al. (2017), the system enhances interoperability among nurses by facilitating exchange of medical reports across hospitals. As a result, the physicians utilize the big data from HIE for clinical decision-making during service care hence prompting the optimal exploitation of knowledge and the data on demography and clients. Therefore, HIE intensifies the accessibility and dynamism of the insights and statistics on illnesses and the impact on practice among the professionals.

Different research activities focus on discrepant issues despite the common platform on adding the pool of information about certain conceptual frameworks. In this case, the key factor that affects the compatibility of data from distinct sources encompass the established interdependence relationship. An excellent example is the assessment by Chang (2021) regarding environmental pollution as a causative agent of asthma. It is an approach divergent from the investigation by Center for Disease Control and Prevention (2021) about the disparate distribution of incidences among Americans. Although both evaluations contribute in the comprehension of asthma, its causes, and remediation strategies, the challenge lies in the quantification of the contrasting reliance.

Quality health information positively contributes in effective exploitation of HIE as a tool of distributing data on patients. An excellent example is the extensive analysis in the field of medicine that attributes the proficient clinical decision-making based on the trend regarding asthma (Chang, 2021). Therefore, the reliance on HIE among nurses encompasses the provision of crucial details on healthcare that positively impact their expertise. The hallmark of patient records enshrines the integration of in-depth insights with the historical details to establish the optimal solution to the problem.

Conclusively, asthma is an illness that requires the incorporation of optimal remedies for its management. The main role of a medical practitioner encompasses the protection and improvement of the quality of living among patients. In this case, the implementation of the strategies fosters the reduction in the disparity across the American demography. Excellent examples of care aspects enshrine bronchial thermoplasty and immunotherapy. Primarily, the utilization of different strategies to reduce the allergic attack occurrences enhances the well-being of the personnel.


Center for Disease Control and Prevention. (2021). Most recent national asthma data [Blog].

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